the torticollis & the hare


Our sweet little monkey has torticollis.  Summed up: his neck muscles on one side are crazy tight. 

He favors laying on one side and as a result is getting a flat little noggin’.  And his left ear and left side of his forehead are shifting forward as a result. 

I’m glad we are getting this taken care of now or else our poor little boy would end up looking like Quasimodo.   So now his days consist of a lot of exercises, stretching and going to physical therapy.

Here are his 2 months stats:

weight:  10 lbs 14 oz   (25%)

height:  25 inches long (95%)

head:  in the 25th percentile

We officially  have a lurp in the family.  But he sure is a cute lurp.



Oh, and just for the record:  those dang two month shots are just as killer for mom with child #2 … not one bit easier.  I was on the brink of tears. 


Forest was blessed on Sunday.

Two very good looking boys, if I do say so myself.