Happy Valentine’s Day Baby

I didn’t want flowers.  I didn’t want to go see a movie.  I didn’t want candy or jewelry.  All I wanted was orange “chicken.”  And Mitchell came through and met my one request. 


Dare I say, this is worse than any doctor’s handwriting I have ever seen.


I made Mitchell this card …. 


Let’s be honest.  I have never called Mitchell “baby” before.  Nor would I ever really use the blog title “Happy Valentine’s Day Baby” … when referring to Mitchell that is.  In this case … the “baby” … is in fact … an actual baby.  A girl to be exact. 



This picture is back from week 18 … but I pretty much look the same now … at 21 weeks.  I’m not quite sure where that cute little thing is hiding in there but I sure wish she would she would stop being so shy.  I’m kind of tired of looking like I visit the donut shop every morning for breakfast. 

We are super elated and are excited to meet her at the end of June.