The Baby In Me


Photography.  Love it.

Mitchell understood and understands this slight obsession.

Now, I usually don’t like it when people mush, gush, ooooooze and brag about their spouses and all the awesome things they do … but I can’t help but oooze for just a couple seconds.  Mitchell somehow managed to save bit by bit enough money to buy me the camera of my dreams.   He wanted me to learn how to use it before Christmas and couldn’t wait for me to open it … so I may or may not have opened it about 2 weeks early. 

I don’t usually cry.  I didn’t cry when my parents said goodbye at the MTC.  I didn’t cry during Charly, The Notebook, or The Lion King (when Mufasah gives up the ghost … so sad, but no tears).  Nor do I cry when chopping onions.  But I DID cry after I opened this present.  Not once.  Not twice.   But thrice.  

I was shocked.  Surprised.  Touched.  Ultra happy.

This camera has more buttons, levers and toggles than a 747 cockpit.  I’m waiting for the Cliff Notes version of the manual to come out.  Basically I have NO idea what I’m doing.  I thought I took decent photos before and now I realize just how little I know.  Taking good photos is a lot harder than I thought. 

Poor Mitchell has been my Fabio for the past couple weeks. 

( I personally think he could give Fabio a real run for his money. )



The title of this photo is :  HAWT


My friend Seara was nice enough to pose for a few shots as well.







So I might be calling upon some of the readers of this blog and their children to be my guinea pigs …


Man in the Mirror

Mitchell and I felt strongly about creating this post.  We want to share our experience in hopes that others may learn from our bad decision and not make the same mistake. 

It all began quite innocently as we were in Bed Bath and Beyond looking for a Christmas present.  We were approaching the front of the store when a certain aisle caught our attention.  We should have turned and walked away at that point … but we didn’t.  Like a moth to the flame.


We each grabbed a mirror and took a glance.  We both just stood there.  Too shocked and mortified to run away after what we saw.  Everything magnified by 1.3 million.  Every pore.  Every hair.  Every blemish.  It shook us up good.  We walked into the store thinking we were a little above average looking people and left feeling like the scum of the earth.   Mitchell and I quietly shuffled out of the store with our heads down, not speaking to one another.  If the world saw what we saw that night … babies would cry … our own mothers would turn their backs on us.

No words can describe.

The battle between good and evil is raging.

Evil won that night.