37.75 Weeks


D-day. It’s so close I can almost taste it.  Okay, so its still like 2.5 weeks out – so maybe I can’t taste it … but I can smell it.   I have had a really quite comfortable pregnancy … up until this last week. Puking. Diarrhea. Insomnia. Appetite is nonexistent. Heartburn … and constantly feeling like my stomach is about to explode. 

Come on baby … come oooooooooooon.  I’m ready for ya.


I had my last scheduled photo shoot last night in Park City.  I was hoping that chasing around a cute family would put me into labor.

No. Such. Luck.


We went to visit the temple a couple Sundays ago and get a family photo.  Every time we go downtown Winter tries to spot the temple and says “wwwwwwhere are you temple???”  Goodness gracious I love that girl.




Speaking of Winter … here are some updates

Potty training failed big time.  However, she is now an excellent cheerleader whenever I go to the bathroom.  “Good job mom!  You get a potty prize!”

She LOVES to make pancakes.  She will wake up  … and demand that we get her a bowl and then she will name all the ingredients she needs to whip some up.  It. Is. Pretty. Cute.

We upgraded her to a toddler bed and she loves it.  Haven’t had any problems at all.  She has a slumber party each night with her baby, princess Rapunzel doll, daddy monkey, mommy monkey, rabbit and puppy.  It’s a full bed for sure.

She keeps telling me that baby brother is going to come out.  So hopefully she knows something we don’t.   We still aren’t sure if she understands what is about to happen … but we are sure its going to blow her mind.