terrific twos


I feel like this age gets a bad rap … and personally Mitchell and I think they should be called the “terrific twos.”

Yes, she has meltdowns.
Yes, she can be incredibly stubborn.

But holy hannah, she is so much fun.

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  To be honest, we didn’t really get anything for her birthday – unless you count a cheap thrift store puzzle. 

So we thought we would fill her day with fun, beginning with a trip to a German bakery for some donuts.

photo 1

We then headed over to the Discovery Children’s Museum.

photo 2

And then finished off the night at a fair with some friends.  This fair was Winter’s heaven … a noisy heaven filled with greasy fair food, sweaty teenagers and rides aplenty.


She was not okay with the length of the rides.


 _DSC5490edit _DSC5497edit

I showed Winter a blog post a while ago and she became obsessed with the animal masks


She would ask to see the “kitty mask” daily.  I wanted to get everyone animal masks to wear for her birthday but just couldn’t justify the cost.  So we settled on some party animals on her cake instead.


I really think her favorite part of the day was everyone singing Happy Birthday to her.  In fact, she made everyone sing it a second time.