roman holiday

My hair had gotten a little out of hand since my last cut.  Dull, limp, stringy .... I start to look homeless when my hair gets too long.  I know its time to cut my hair when people start handing me change on the street.

I am super cheap and only get my hair cut twice a year.  Pathetic, I know. 
Well, it was time.

before: looooooooong hair

After watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and complaining about what a dumb movie it was on Facebook, some people suggested I watch Miss Hepburn in Roman Holiday.  

I watched it.  And I began craving short short boy hair.  Audrey cuts off her long hair in the movie like so:

That movie tipped the scale and I took the plunge on Saturday. 

I feel soooooooooooooo much better and Mitchell wins the  "husband of the century" award for putting up with me and my hair antics. 

Is it weird that short hair makes me feel stronger? Long hair is like my kryptonite, it drains me of all energy. I guess I can't relate to Sampson. 

after:  shooooooorrrrrtttttt



Helllloooooooo eight months.


I LOVE watching her pick Cheerios up with her tiny little fingers and try to navigate them to her mouth.

She thinks she is a rock climber.  Not so excited about this advancement.  She sure doesn’t lack confidence when it comes to scaling furniture.

She no longer really cares about her toys, she wants what she can’t have.  For some reason she gravitates to our dirty shoes and the trash.  What a classy little lady.

Teeth and Hair:  Nothing on the horizon.  I’m beginning to think I gave birth to Benjamin Button and we need to get her some dentures and a toupee of some sort.

She is still rather large.  An unofficial weigh in put her around twenty lbs.  My biceps are definitely benefiting.

She loves to talk and jabber.  She is constantly saying dadadadad and occasionally will spit out a mamamama. I find it incredibly adorable when she whispers.