Cubicle Queen

Life #5: Office Girl

Don't let the name plate fool you .... my job isn't that important. I work in a VP's office at Weber State ... it is very glamorous indeed. A typical day at the office includes:

- Fetching the newspaper for thee Mr. Tarbox
- Destroying forests (making oodles of copies)
- Playing mailman (they send all of the weird mail to
our office and I get to decide what lucky soul will get it)
- Babysitting (I stalk the jocks and make sure they go to class)
- Ask Jeeves (people call our office with the most random
questions expecting us to know the answers.

Paper cuts, numb bum, risk of carpal tunnel ... it's a tough job but someones got to do it.


Jesus Wanted Me For a Sunbeam

Life #4: Church Callings

I have to admit I was getting a little bit worried when I hit the 5 month mark in our new ward and still didn't have a calling. Heck, I would have been happy with ward bulletin board specialist at that point.... finally I have a place, make that two places, in the ward now ....... drum roll ...... sunbeam teacher and activities committee!

I was slightly concerned about having to teach a bunch of 3-4 year olds, but my sweet mother hooked me up with all the coolest songs to sing and games to play. My first lesson was "I Can Be Kind to Animals" .... how awesome is that? My next lesson is "Music Makes Me Happy." Last week consisted of marching around the room pretending we were the 2000 stripling warriors and making cool headbands. Can't get better than that.

Mitchell and I both were called to the activities committee which we are thrilled with. I am officially designated as the "ward activity poster girl" .... close to the "ward bulletin specialist" ...but not quite.

Our Halloween party is going to be rocking for sure


Slave Labor

Life 3: The Lowly Intern

Breath in through the mouth and out through the nose. This has been my motto for the past couple months as I have been trying to juggle everything. I have about 120 hours left that I need to complete before the beginning of December ....that's 20 hours per week of UNPAID work. Making sure I get these blasted internship hours has been one of my leading sources of stress, but the end is in sight. Fortunately the Warrior Fitness and Health Center on Hill Air Force Base was kind enough to work with me this semester.

If you want to be my friend for life, hook me up with a free t-shirt and I'm yours. Hill Air Force Base did just that and now we are BFF. I will admit that I feel somewhat important when I wear this shirt, the Air Force is legit and hard core.


I am Wildcat, Hear me Roar

Life 2: A Weber State Wildcat

I have been a college student for approximately 23% of my life. 5.5 years. Hopefully I will end this streak in about 3 months (knock on wood). Things I will gladly kiss goodbye:

1. Freshmen who bring their high school attitudes to campus
2. Group projects. I am kind of a control freak.
3. Packing lunches that are backpack friendly. My lunches have consisted of Fiber One granola bars and fruit for the past 2 months.
4. 40 yr old students who come to class in sweat pants
5. Busy work. Crossword puzzles and word searches in college? Give me a break.
6. Power point presentations ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
7. Text books that cost an arm, a leg, a foot, and your first born child.
8. Hunting for a parking spot. Thankfully, this year, campus is a hop, skip and a jump away. Yeah for walking


The Early Bird Gets ..... Tired.

I am having an identity crisis. At times it feels like I am trying to live 7 different lives at once which takes a toll on my wee little brain. Everyday for the next week I will be featuring one of my 7 lives

Life 1: The Girl Who Opens the Gym

I have kept this job for an entire 4.5 months .... that's about 2 months longer than I had anticipated quite frankly. When I applied to work at The Ogden Athletic Club, I had no idea the only shift they had available was the "you-would-have-to-be-crazy-to-wake-up-this-early-shift." I consider myself to be a morning person, but this is pushing it. My shift starts at 4:00 a.m. and I am responsible for opening the club for all the crazies who want to exercise at 4:30 in the morning.

As members walk by, they feel the need to say some of these wonderful phrases:

"Wow, you look really tired." I hear that one on an average of 4.3 times per day ... and it's usually the same people who say it. I consider myself to be a pretty good actress and I put on a "I'm awake, happy, bubbly, perky" show every time anyone walks in the front door ... I should definitely be nominated for an Oscar.

"Wake up!" Is that phrase supposed to be funny? I may have given people a courtesy laugh the first few times I heard that one, but now it is getting a tad old.

"How are you?" You may be thinking ... what's wrong with a friendly "how are you" ... I'll tell you what is wrong with it ... the guy who says it with a creepy smile and lingers just a little too long at the front desk ... that is what is wrong with it. My creep-o-meter goes off whenever he is around. I'll be watching America's Most Wanted for your story to be featured buddy!

My goal is to be able to last at this job for at least 6 months ... wish me luck.


Hostage Situation

Rewind about 3 months and 27 days ago ..... http://fillmorespace.blogspot.com/2009/06/sabbath-smashup.html My parents thought they would play bumper cars and ended up totaling the Hicken mobile. We arrived on the scene to entertain them. They had to gather everything (CD case, napkins, pens, lotion, pencils, the roll of toilet paper ... does anyone elses mother carry around a roll of toliet paper?) out of the car before it was sadly towed away.
A few days after the incident, my mother, my very own mother, my own flesh and blood accused us of stealing their beloved CD case. They couldn't find it anywhere. Why the heck would we want a CD case full of Mo-Tab remixes and LDS Middle Eastern studies? She would constantly ask us if we had seen the missing CD's.
Well ..... a few days ago ...... we found it. I swear to this day that someone planted it in our house to make us look bad. I'm blaming Craig (my little-big brother). We knew these CDs meant a lot to my parents ... so we worked up a little plan .....

We left this in a manila envelope on their doorstep

The missing subject tied up and scared in a dark, damp cellar

We definitely didn't get the cash that we demanded or even the pizza ... we ended up trading it in for some candy corn and we were able to borrow the movie "Forver Young." Not a bad trade if you ask me.