I am Wildcat, Hear me Roar

Life 2: A Weber State Wildcat

I have been a college student for approximately 23% of my life. 5.5 years. Hopefully I will end this streak in about 3 months (knock on wood). Things I will gladly kiss goodbye:

1. Freshmen who bring their high school attitudes to campus
2. Group projects. I am kind of a control freak.
3. Packing lunches that are backpack friendly. My lunches have consisted of Fiber One granola bars and fruit for the past 2 months.
4. 40 yr old students who come to class in sweat pants
5. Busy work. Crossword puzzles and word searches in college? Give me a break.
6. Power point presentations ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
7. Text books that cost an arm, a leg, a foot, and your first born child.
8. Hunting for a parking spot. Thankfully, this year, campus is a hop, skip and a jump away. Yeah for walking


aunt jan said...

Sweat pants AND Tweety Bird t-shirts. One day you'll look back fondly at these wonderful memories in the making.....

The Dahle Family said...

Go wildcats!!