Family of Four

I got my first cell phone after I got back from my mission … *gasp of horror* … yeah I know …. I’m kind of a late bloomer.  I just really didn’t have a need for a phone up until then.  It never ceases to blow my mind when I see 7,8 and 9 yr olds with cell phones … I guess they have more active social lives than I did at their age (but seriously, what do they have to talk about? … the latest Hannah Montana episode? …. What they got on their spelling quizzes?)   Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that I don’t really care much about cell phones or having the newest and coolest model  If I can call and text … then I am set for life. 

Recently, we switched over to Sprint and boy did Sprint hook us up.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about our newest little additions to the family.  These phones are pretty fancy … a little too fancy.  Every time I pick it up I feel like I’m holding a newborn baby …. so delicate … I’m afraid I will hurt it.   I feel the need to sew it some little clothes to protect it from the outside elements.   I’m pretty sure this phone is exactly like having a baby.   It talks for heaven’s sake.  It’s a very smart baby.

Clearly, Mitchell is excited about the phone … maybe a little too excited.  The way he looks at … I get a little jealous.  I just can’t compete.


Cradling the baby.


5 Alive!

Oh the 80’s.

The hair…


The music…


  The clothes …..


The movies.  Ohhhhh the movies.   My mind was not programmed to appreciate 80’s movies.   Surprisingly enough the 80’s did produce a few classic flicks ….. Star Wars, The Princess Bride and Indiana Jones  …. but the number of bad movies far outweigh the good.   I don’t know what got into Mitchell the other day … but he got on this 80’s kick.  Before I knew it we had “Short Circuit” and “Gremlins” at our fingertips.  I resisted ...for a while.  But honestly, who can say no to Mitchell?  I only agreed to view Short Ciruit 1 (believe it or not .. there is a Short Circuit 2) and somehow I got conned into watching the first 30 mins of Gremlins … but by then my mind was ready to explode and I could handle no more … but it was too late.  “5 alive! 5 alive!” was already engrained into my brain.  Never again.  I, Erin Fillmore, will not participate in watching any more poorly made 80’s movies. 




Space and Smoothies.

Space and smoothies.  That pretty much sums up yesterday.

My dad has been a cute space enthusiast for as long as I can remember.   Big telescope? Yep he’s got one.  Star Trek? Absolutely.   So it didn’t come as a surprise when he invited us to watch Hubble: 3D with him.

Mitchell and I thought we would hit up Jamba on the way (buy one get one free … and we had a gift card … score.)

We came to the conclusion that it is impossible to look cool while sucking on a straw.  Puckered lips …. just not cool.

I am slightly embarrassed by this photo.  I have willingly watched Star Trek many many times.  I am ever so familiar with the Spock emblem.  You wouldn’t believe that by looking at this picture …. apparently I belong to a gang and Mitchell … Mitchell who has never even seen Star Trek … nailed it.  Oh … and by the way …. space is cooool.  My mind was boggled.

My parents are cooler than your parents.


He’s Got a Chip on His Shoulder

Mitchell went to our friendly “second-hand” food store to pick up some salad ….. and came home with this…..

Chips.  And lots of them.  96 bags to be exact.  All at no cost.  Any ideas what we can do with all these?


Biker Gang

Mitchell and I joined a biker gang on Saturday.   We call it MitcHELL’s angels.  ha. Okay, who I am kidding …. we don’t even own a pair of bikes …. we had to weasel these bikes away from my parents for the afternoon.  The next spare $1000 we have laying around going to waste will be spent on a pair of bikes … and we will name our bikes for sure.  I picture a nice sleek black bike named Gretel.

Along the way we ran into a couple of hungry mammals.  We tried to feed them grass … but man, those horse lips weirded us out.  I’m pretty sure those horses could have sucked our hands off … and we needed both of our hands … so we left.

Mr. Ed (with partial eyelash extensions)

I enjoyed these … cool weed stick things ?


I had one request before we went home.  I really wanted to visit a greenhouse.  The greenhouse smell/aroma is in my list of top 5 favorite smells.  I have never used drugs … but I’m pretty sure greenhouses give me the same kind of buzz/high.  I could have crawled up on the greenhouse floor and stayed the night.  And with the second large amount of cash just laying around going to waste … I would LOVE to own a greenhouse.



Twenty-five? Really?  I guess I don’t really feel the whole twenty-five thing because I still get mistaken for a high school senior. ha.   A week ago Monday was my birthday but we had a little pre-birthday get together a while back before Mitchell left for the Bahamas. (Thanks to all of you who gave me a birthday shout out of some sort).

We received a deviled egg dish for our wedding, and since we don’t have deviled egg parties very often (ha.) I thought I would use it as a jewelry dish.  It has cute little round compartments for my earrings etc …it’s totally vintage chic if you ask me.   Mitchell thought my deviled egg dish antics were slightly odd …. so he got me a wonderfully fabulous jewelry tree.   My mom surprised me with some sa-weet sandals (Are you supposed to get birthday presents after you get married? … I think it was kind of a pity present because Mitchell was going to be gone for my birthday…yeah for pity presents haha)

And what is a Fillmore birthday without some unusual cake of some sort? ……. APE CAKE!

A couple of days ago Mitchell fed me this urban legend about free ice cream cones at Arctic Circle … well of course I had to put this legend to the test …. so if you are ever craving .01294 oz of free ice cream and don’t care about looking like a loser asking for a free microscopic ice cream cone… Arctic Circle can hook you up.


Gilgal Baggins

I am constantly searching for free and interesting things to do here along the Wasatch Front … lately I heard about an odd little garden in Salt Lake … Gilgal’s Garden.  If Bilbo Baggins had a cousin .. his name would be Gilgal … totally a hobbit name. Bilbo, Frodo, Pippin, Merry and Gilgal …. sounds good to me.    This garden was created by an LDS bishop (Thomas Child) in the 1940’s and all the sculptures have religious symbolism.  I have to admit I thought this guy was a bit wacko in the beginning but as we read about each work of art …. it all made sense … cool, peculiar, strange sense. 

No need to do a double take … that is Joesph Smith’s face on that Sphinx.


I should have done a few trunk twists or windmills to warm up before I attempted this move


I call this one … “brick trousers.”


This little display won my vote … how could you not love cool body parts sprawled across this little hill?

loved the human hearts


As we walked through the gardens, a lovely fresh bread aroma filled the air and we were intrigued.  We did a little investigating and the Wonder Bread factory happened to be right next door.   We then saw this sign … you combine bakery goods and a thriftstore  (two things I love) … you have trouble.  Don’t judge us but Mitchell and I both find twinkies and hostess cupcakes to be quite delightful … preservatives pshmervatives …whatever.  Hostess does preservatives riiiiiiiight.