This is How We Sushi Roll

I have fallen head over heels in love with sushi this past year.
I had never really given sushi a fair chance.  I had tasted it a couple times over the past five years, and it just tasted like swamp water.  Mitchell talked me into going to a little sushi bar close to his office and since then I have been hooked.  But, dang, those little rolls sure do cost a pretty penny.  Mitchell and I would probably need to start selling organs on the black market in order to support my sushi needs.  So we decided to try our very own sushi.
It turns out, Mitchell just may come from Japanese heritage.
We made 6 rolls with different combinations of cucumber, green onion, red pepper, carrot, avocado, imitation crab, cream cheese and jalapeno … topped with a little sriracha sauce, wasabi and soy sauce

(do NOT attempt to eat sushi with any other kind of soy sauce besides Kikkoman … we tried and were terribly disappointed and made a special trip back to the store just to pick some up) 
It was pretty good considering it was our first rodeo in the world of DIY sushi . 
I’m calling it a success.


Spoiled Rotten

You guys.

Life just got super cool.


Mitchell surprised me big time for my birthday this year.  We have talked about getting one of these miracle machines for a loooong time.

Our family of three is now a family of four.  This blender holds a special place in our hearts.

We have made awesome vegan ice cream, numerous delicious smoothies, hummus, salsa, and soup.  We bought some peanuts over the weekend and I am beyond excited to make our own natural peanut butter.  Every morning I make myself a “Dr Oz Green Juice” smoothie. Man, I love this blender. 

Besides getting a blender for my birthday, I also received these happy faces …


My parents came home on Tuesday and Craig arrived Thursday.  It was like they had never left.   Quite the exciting week.  I really was spoiled this year.

My parents and Craig had never met Chipotle before. So we felt the need to introduce them.  They all liked each other and got along great.


Just look at those cute missionary dimples.  Welcome home Craig.


I have to admit, I was a little down in the dumps about turning 28.  I really don’t like getting older … but then Elder Packer chastised me this weekend and I have repented.   Bring on 29.



silly rabbit

We took Winter to her very first Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning.  Let’s be honest, we did not go with the intention of collecting eggs to put into a basket for a nine month old … I find that rather ridiculous.  But we did go with the intention of getting a picture with a creepy bunny the size of a man.  

That rabbit had its paws all over Winter.


 This picture kind of makes me a tiny little eensy weensie bit sad.  Winter is soooo big.

Stop growing. Right! Now!


The Easter bunny did not visit Winter this year … and to be honest, I don’t really know if the Easter bunny will ever visit her in the future.   Easter baskets are overrated anyway right? Ba humbug, I know.



I am commanding the nine month mark to go away and leave our little baby alone. 

As of last week, she is

20 lbs 8 oz

29 inches tall

In other words:  still big.

She truly is related to Mitchell and hates the camera. 

She loves pancakes, cheerios, pears, applesauce, mashed potatoes and green beans.

She hates hates hates bananas.

Everything she can get her hands on is instantly inserted into her mouth.   She ate some flowers and  dirt yesterday.

This little girl loves her Dad.  He is all she talks about through out the day.

She will only say mama when she gets hurt or when she wakes up during the night.

She likes to hold on to furniture and walk around the room.  Mitchell and I are working with her on her balance ... i can see her walking in the next couple months.