This is How We Sushi Roll

I have fallen head over heels in love with sushi this past year.
I had never really given sushi a fair chance.  I had tasted it a couple times over the past five years, and it just tasted like swamp water.  Mitchell talked me into going to a little sushi bar close to his office and since then I have been hooked.  But, dang, those little rolls sure do cost a pretty penny.  Mitchell and I would probably need to start selling organs on the black market in order to support my sushi needs.  So we decided to try our very own sushi.
It turns out, Mitchell just may come from Japanese heritage.
We made 6 rolls with different combinations of cucumber, green onion, red pepper, carrot, avocado, imitation crab, cream cheese and jalapeno … topped with a little sriracha sauce, wasabi and soy sauce

(do NOT attempt to eat sushi with any other kind of soy sauce besides Kikkoman … we tried and were terribly disappointed and made a special trip back to the store just to pick some up) 
It was pretty good considering it was our first rodeo in the world of DIY sushi . 
I’m calling it a success.

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