the ONEder years

This beautiful girl turned one. 


The stats are in:

twenty one lbs fourteen oz (seventy fifth percentile)

thrity and one quarter inches (ninetieth percentile)

I honestly didn’t know quite what to expect when we discovered we were having a baby.  I was excited, nervous and a little scared.  Winter has taught us so much about love over this past year.  I absolutely adore her.  Life without her wouldn’t be the same.  I think about all I have learned from her in just one year.  I am incredibly excited for the coming years.


She is still a social butterfly to the extreme.  She has numerous friends of all ages (ages ranging from one – ninety) at church.  She does this adorable little “pageant wave” to everyone as she walks by.   I had two people today ask me the trick to having such a happy baby.  


She LOVES to walk and is getting really fast.


Her newest favorite foods are craisins, zucchini muffins, cantaloupe and honeydew.


She has growling wars with anyone who will play along.  I think she sounds like an ewok and it melts my heart.


She makes Mitchell and I laugh everyday. 


We attempted a little birthday photo shoot without much success.  Getting her to sit still was quite the task.  With some cheerios, we managed about thirty seconds worth of photos.



And then she was done.