amazon woman.

I am an amazon woman.
And apparently Winter is taking after me quite nicely. 
We went in for her two month check up today and here are the stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz (95th percentile)
Length:  23.5 inches (90th percentile)
Head: 40 cm (95th percentile)
As the Doctor put it : “At least she is proportionate.”
Instead of performing water boarding on prisoners of war … I think they should just make them watch their babies have their shots.  A form a torture for sure.  She screamed like I have never heard her scream before … but thankfully it only lasted for a couple minutes.
And then she was out cold for the rest of the afternoon
(sticker for being a star patient of course)


Wedding Crashers.

I am just realizing that summer is now over.  It came and went without even giving me a chance to say hello.  How rude.  I’m pretty sure my legs saw the light of day maybe twice the entire 3 months.  I guess having a summer baby will do that to you.   I don’t mind.  Less cancer all around I guess. 
Happenings and Stuffffff:
- I am proud to say Winter has now graduated to her crib … which means I am back in my big girl bed as well. 
- Power to the pump:  I worked and worked with Winter on breastfeeding … and it just wasn’t going anywhere.  She was miserable … I was miserable.  I would see other mothers breastfeeding anywhere and anytime with such ease and it made me so depressed and discouraged.  But once I decided that pumping was the norm and it was just a fact of life, I have been so much happier. 
- She has now discovered her hands and enjoys a fist sandwich every now and again.
- Her skin condition, seborrhea, has improved by leaps and bounds …. but now she has some killer eczema all over her body.  We basically bathe her in Aquaphor each morning and evening.  
- She doesn’t like dairy …. well, she doesn’t like me having dairy.  So long ice cream, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese … it was nice knowing you.
For the past two months, our dates have consisted of grocery shopping and the occasional walk in the park with Winter.
Well my parents were incredibly gracious this past weekend and kicked us out of the apartment. They commanded us to have a real date.  So that’s what we did.
We began our date at the Vertical Diner, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.  I love going to restaurants that cater to our eating style … just wish they weren’t so pricey.   I enjoyed a jalapeno burger while Mitchell had a buffalo chicken sandwich.
Part 2 of our date:  I had heard about this really cool park behind a cool LDS church in Salt Lake.  So off we went to explore.   The church is located on the beautiful street Yale Ave.  Seriously an awesome street I would LOVE to live on someday.  We arrived at the church only to find that some fancy pants wedding party had reserved the park.  There was only one thing left for our to do:
Crash the wedding.
We kind of rationalized our decision by saying that THEY crashed OUR date …
It actually took a little convincing from Mitchell … after all, we were TOTALLY underdressed.  There are some weddings where jeans would be acceptable … this was NOT one of those weddings.   We signed the guest book, created a “wish boat” and set it out to sail, quietly bypassed the wedding line, had our photos taken in their wedding photo booth and then Mitchell had a lovely crepe at the crepe bar.
Am I embarrassed that we did this? … yes, yes indeed.   I would have taken more pictures, considering we will probably never do this again … but I didn’t want to completely blow our cover.
I have to admit I found myself thinking about Winter all through out the night.  I’m not sure Winter really missed us, but I totally missed her and felt like I was missing a vital limb.


I Love You, You Love Me


A couple weeks ago we FINALLY took Winter on her first walk.  We picked Liberty Park to take our evening stroll and I am so glad we did.   Liberty Park attracts a wide variety of people)  and there is always something somewhat odd/entertaining (birthday parties, FHE’s, medieval fighting practices, comi-con meet ups, volleyball games, dj’s, dogs galore, etc) going on … this evening did not disappoint.


We were about 5 mins into our walk when we heard some loud music and saw this in the distance ….


Oh here, let me change my focal point ….


It was none other than Barney and friends … having a dance party in the middle of the park.   I could not stop laughing for the life of me.   And you better believe they sang the “I Love You” song when the party was over.   Thank you Liberty Park, thank you. 


Winter wasn’t a huge fan.



Winter update:  You saw how terrible her cute little face looked here just the other day … well I’m glad to report it appears to not be a 24/7 condition.  I’ve been diligent about putting hydrocortisone on her rash and it only flairs up every so often.  This picture was just taken yesterday. Hallelujah.


I also took Winter on her very first thrift store outing.  She loved it …aka… she slept the whole time.  I  kept her covered so she wouldn’t be exposed to all the nasty nasty germs …



You’re So Vain

Over the weekend Winter began developing some awesome red irritation on her face … I didn’t think much of it … until today that is.

Her poor little face exploded.  She seriously looked like death was knocking on her door this morning.  Well, turns out she has the ever so lovely condition known as seborrhea.  The Doctor said that it should clear up by the time she is 4 months old.  Do the math … that’s 2.5 more months of this …

FOUR MONTHS OLD? Seriously? 

I pray that he is wrong and it magically clears up this week.

It doesn’t hurt her at all thankfully, but it does hurt my self esteem just a little I guess …  I am vain.  This rash kinda puts a damper on any kind of photo opts in the near future … bleh.

Poor baby.  Breaks my heart.



Mitchell did a wonderful job blessing Winter on Sunday.  Right when they called her name she started to cry and I thought we were in trouble for sure.  But she calmed right down and was a little angel.   It was great to have family there to celebrate the day.


She was having kind of a rough day ….


With Morgan, Ashley and Clara in town we all thought it would be great to go and visit Grandma Lowe and let her check out some of her very cute great granddaughters.