I Love You, You Love Me


A couple weeks ago we FINALLY took Winter on her first walk.  We picked Liberty Park to take our evening stroll and I am so glad we did.   Liberty Park attracts a wide variety of people)  and there is always something somewhat odd/entertaining (birthday parties, FHE’s, medieval fighting practices, comi-con meet ups, volleyball games, dj’s, dogs galore, etc) going on … this evening did not disappoint.


We were about 5 mins into our walk when we heard some loud music and saw this in the distance ….


Oh here, let me change my focal point ….


It was none other than Barney and friends … having a dance party in the middle of the park.   I could not stop laughing for the life of me.   And you better believe they sang the “I Love You” song when the party was over.   Thank you Liberty Park, thank you. 


Winter wasn’t a huge fan.



Winter update:  You saw how terrible her cute little face looked here just the other day … well I’m glad to report it appears to not be a 24/7 condition.  I’ve been diligent about putting hydrocortisone on her rash and it only flairs up every so often.  This picture was just taken yesterday. Hallelujah.


I also took Winter on her very first thrift store outing.  She loved it …aka… she slept the whole time.  I  kept her covered so she wouldn’t be exposed to all the nasty nasty germs …



merathon said...

it looks like she's trying to hold out the sides of her dress to show it off! her skin looks beautiful!

Anita Preece said...

She's beautiful Erin! I am so happy for you! It looks like motherhood suits you well. Miss ya!

Elaine said...

What a cutie!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

I just found your blog again! I don't know why I didn't pin it to my own a long time ago. I've always enjoyed your posts.

Winter is so beautiful! Her one month pictures are perfect.

Did you ever think you'd take your kid to see Barney on her first walk? Excellent.