You’re So Vain

Over the weekend Winter began developing some awesome red irritation on her face … I didn’t think much of it … until today that is.

Her poor little face exploded.  She seriously looked like death was knocking on her door this morning.  Well, turns out she has the ever so lovely condition known as seborrhea.  The Doctor said that it should clear up by the time she is 4 months old.  Do the math … that’s 2.5 more months of this …

FOUR MONTHS OLD? Seriously? 

I pray that he is wrong and it magically clears up this week.

It doesn’t hurt her at all thankfully, but it does hurt my self esteem just a little I guess …  I am vain.  This rash kinda puts a damper on any kind of photo opts in the near future … bleh.

Poor baby.  Breaks my heart.



Mitchell did a wonderful job blessing Winter on Sunday.  Right when they called her name she started to cry and I thought we were in trouble for sure.  But she calmed right down and was a little angel.   It was great to have family there to celebrate the day.


She was having kind of a rough day ….


With Morgan, Ashley and Clara in town we all thought it would be great to go and visit Grandma Lowe and let her check out some of her very cute great granddaughters.



Anita Preece said...

She is a beauty! Take lots of pictures anyway!

Rachel Sorber said...

Thanks for taking those pictures with Grandma Lowe--what a precious keepsake! She's beautiful, regardless of the rash. Congratulations! :)

Marliese said...

I am in LOVE with these pictures. The b/w pic of you, Mitch and Winter on her blessing day is the best. I love seeing my little bro with his sweet daughter and beautiful wife. So awesome.

And you are so wise to take pictures with our beloved grandma. I love that lady! I wasn't so smart on our last visit with her. The are gorgeous photos...Erin, you are so good.