Is there some kind of secret meaning behind the title of this post? 

Absolutely not.  I’m pretty sure the creative part of my brain died after labor … so that’s what my brain came up with.  I hope I can resurrect my brain in the near future.

We officially have a one month old baby. 

Mind blowing.

We are super excited to see what the next month brings. 


She hasn’t quite caught on to the whole smile-for-the-camera thing yet …. but she sure is cute .. even when pulling weird faces.


Mitchell helped out a co-worker with some plumbing stuff in his rental condo … the last tenants left this lovely gem. Mitchell brought it home thinking that I would hate and we would use it as a white elephant. YEAH right. Jokes on you Mitchell.  I love owls. I love white ceramic stuff. Spray paint is amazing stuff. 

We don’t really have the ideal place for it …. yet


I picture it in some cool built in bookcase thing with a bunch of other random white ceramic animals/vases/coral etc …. like so


On another note ….  I thought I would share our favorite photo book company.  There are so many out there … Shutterfly, Snapfish, Blurb … but THIS one takes the cake in my opinion.   My Publisher is their name and making AWESOME books is their game.   I never really got into the whole scrapbooking scene … stickers, paper, glitter glue, etc … not really up my alley.   So My Publisher and I were meant to be.

I have been creating a book for each year we have been married.   We just received our third book (for our third year of marriage) in the mail yesterday.


You are able to completely customize the book… photo sizes, captions, fonts, colors … its pretty much awesome.  


This last book I created came to a grand total of $180 …. a bit steep, I know.  BUT if you get on My Publisher’s email list they will send you notifications about KILLER sales/deals.  I was able to knock down the $180 price tag to $80 including shipping.  Cha-ching.  Check it out.  You won’t be sorry.



Ashley said...

Morgan thought that the owls started out white and that you hand-painted them brown. After reading he said, "wait, what?"

Erin said...

Haha ... Morgan has Bob Ross on the brain

Marliese said...

Tyler thought the same thing about the owls!

But I knew what was happening...and I know that "young house love" photo and their affection for ceramic animals. They are all the rage, 'specially owls. $herdog would drool over your find. Sweet score. I'll be looking for that piece in your future homes...