The Baby In Me


Photography.  Love it.

Mitchell understood and understands this slight obsession.

Now, I usually don’t like it when people mush, gush, ooooooze and brag about their spouses and all the awesome things they do … but I can’t help but oooze for just a couple seconds.  Mitchell somehow managed to save bit by bit enough money to buy me the camera of my dreams.   He wanted me to learn how to use it before Christmas and couldn’t wait for me to open it … so I may or may not have opened it about 2 weeks early. 

I don’t usually cry.  I didn’t cry when my parents said goodbye at the MTC.  I didn’t cry during Charly, The Notebook, or The Lion King (when Mufasah gives up the ghost … so sad, but no tears).  Nor do I cry when chopping onions.  But I DID cry after I opened this present.  Not once.  Not twice.   But thrice.  

I was shocked.  Surprised.  Touched.  Ultra happy.

This camera has more buttons, levers and toggles than a 747 cockpit.  I’m waiting for the Cliff Notes version of the manual to come out.  Basically I have NO idea what I’m doing.  I thought I took decent photos before and now I realize just how little I know.  Taking good photos is a lot harder than I thought. 

Poor Mitchell has been my Fabio for the past couple weeks. 

( I personally think he could give Fabio a real run for his money. )



The title of this photo is :  HAWT


My friend Seara was nice enough to pose for a few shots as well.







So I might be calling upon some of the readers of this blog and their children to be my guinea pigs …


Man in the Mirror

Mitchell and I felt strongly about creating this post.  We want to share our experience in hopes that others may learn from our bad decision and not make the same mistake. 

It all began quite innocently as we were in Bed Bath and Beyond looking for a Christmas present.  We were approaching the front of the store when a certain aisle caught our attention.  We should have turned and walked away at that point … but we didn’t.  Like a moth to the flame.


We each grabbed a mirror and took a glance.  We both just stood there.  Too shocked and mortified to run away after what we saw.  Everything magnified by 1.3 million.  Every pore.  Every hair.  Every blemish.  It shook us up good.  We walked into the store thinking we were a little above average looking people and left feeling like the scum of the earth.   Mitchell and I quietly shuffled out of the store with our heads down, not speaking to one another.  If the world saw what we saw that night … babies would cry … our own mothers would turn their backs on us.

No words can describe.

The battle between good and evil is raging.

Evil won that night.


Decking the Halls


Mitchell was so excited to wrap and display some of the presents he got for me … one problem … we didn’t have a tree to put them under.  Mitchell solved that quickly … and boy do we have a tree. 

You may have to treat this picture like one of those I Spy books. 

This tree is very portable. Fold it up and it can fit in your back pocket. It helps cut back on the electricity bill. And since we don’t use those trendy reusable grocery bags or plant a tree each Earth Day we were feeling a little guilty. So we thought we would give Mother Earth a break. Instead of chopping down an entire tree … we are using a mere 1/8,333 of a tree. Just trying to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint people.


Mitchell also wanted to display our classy reindeer. After all it does say that it is for INDOOR/outdoor use on the box. We received this as a wedding present if you remember … click here

Mitchell opened it. 

Shock. Dismay. Crushed dreams.  Tears.

The reindeer was no where to be found. For those of you who don’t have your thinking caps on … yes that means we didn’t really officially  open this wedding present … ever. For 1.5 years we believed we were the proud owners of this festive decoration.


Maybe a little.

But we will get over it now that we are the proud owners of some authentic oriental dinnerware. 

Bring on the egg drop soup.


Hot Tubbin’

Erin Fillmore: Hot Spring Specialist. 

I have researched every hot spring in Utah known to man within the last week or so.  One day Mitchell and I will trek down to Spanish Fork to visit the mother load of all springs

The Fifth Water Springs


But for now Mitchell and I had to settle for the hot springs in Ogden.  How the heck did we live in Ogden for an entire year and never know about this?  Such a shame.

What better way to spend your Thanksgiving morning than soaking in a poor mans hot tub? I don’t think there is a better way.

I’ll admit, I was kinda sorta maybe nervous to embrace this murky hot abyss when it came right down to it. Visions of dead animal carcasses, bacteria and poop filled my head … but when you are standing in single digit weather with a slight breeze… you don’t care.  You just want in.

I don’t think it would pass the white glove test  … but it was surprisingly clean. 

It was a balmy 12 degrees as we headed out on our hot tub adventure.   The whole hot spring mist thing mixed with hair and icelandic type weather made for frozen/crunchy hair. 


Now getting out of the spring and into dry clothing again was a entirely new adventure/challenge. 


I must say, our first encounter with a hot spring was rather delightful. Mitchell and I will be back for more.


Little Red Riding in da’ Hood

awesome silky lacey pink nightgown? check.  snout? check.  authentic wolf fur? check.  red hood? check.

once again … Savers provided for all our halloween needs this year.

awesome silky lacey pink nightgown:  we were thrilled to find this little pink number.  i just wasn’t thrilled to be sifting through a bunch of gross “night wear” at savers.  i get creeped out by used things that people sleep in.

snout:  it was originally a tiger nose.  shoe polish works wonders.

authentic wolf fur:  mitchell and i found this fur a couple months ago at a great price …. so we bought some … quite a bit actually. 

red hood:  a red flannel sheet at savers + hood tutorial online


teen heartthrob

“Has anyone ever told you, you look like Justin Bieber?” 

I was just minding my own business working at a temp job in a warehouse, when the woman working next to me in the assembly line threw that at me.


She insisted that it was a compliment.  Since when is looking like a 16 year old boy a compliment?  I guess she did have plenty of time to assess my looks considering we were standing side by side for 8 hours. I laughed and said … “Uh …. thanks?”

I would much rather hear, “Has anyone ever told you, you look like Beyonce?”  Oh well.  I’ll take whatever I can get. 

Move over Justin Bieber.



New Kids on the Block

Perks of the New Apartment

1.  Natural Light –  above ground windows rock my world.

2.  Carpet – We can now lay down on the floor without breaking our backs on tile.

3.  Room to Decorate – When I get stressed … I like to create … thank goodness for this outlet.

4.  350 additional sq ft – need I say more?

5.  Man Cave –  just like Bruce Wayne needs a Bat Cave … Mitchell needs a Man Cave (aka our 2nd bedroom)… so he can do manly things … in … the Man Cave.

6.  Washer & Dryer – Laundromat is a swear word. 

Welcome to our humble home. 

I think my favorite thrift find so far is our  $4 lego lamp.  It was originally brown … a little red spray paint and … viola’.


Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

For the past 3 months my pants have been on fire.  I extinguished my pants yesterday and they are no longer smoldering or smoking. 

I quit my job. 

I had a lovely (and when I say a lovely I really mean ugly) 40 minute phone conversation with my boss over my lunch break.  I told her I didn’t agree with what was going on in the clinic and I felt very dishonest.  I was lying to people by not telling them the entire truth.  I didn’t want to be associated with the company any longer.  Excuses and reasons were given as to why things are the way they are. I told her that my morals and standards were and are not going to change.

  This whole experience has really opened my eyes.  The owners of the company are LDS and yet we disagree on what is honest and ethical.   Mitchell made a very excellent point the other day.   Everyone has a different definition for what ethical and honesty really mean.  He said that if anyone else thinks you are dishonest then you probably are playing too close to the line.  I couldn’t agree more.

Was I nervous making the phone call?  Absolutely.  Was I nervous to tell someone that I thought they were dishonest? You betcha’.  I was in a cold sweat the entire day just knowing that I had to have that conversation.

But next to marrying Mitchell and going on a mission … this was the best decision of my life. 

 I am very happy to have my nose back to its original size.



Pillows and Monsters and Interviews. Oh My.

I have discovered a slight fetish … a pillow fetish. 

As you can tell … I don’t like matchy matchy when it comes to decorating.   And yes … that is a rabbit/wild fox/bigfoot hair pillow. And yes … I am wearing jean cut off shorts … go ahead … judge me.

Mitchell and I wandered over to the park today on a mission.  A branch finding mission.  Mission complete.  I have a little decorating project up my sleeve.  I have all these ideas in my head … and I never just know how they will turn out. Pictures will follow in the following weeks … IF all goes well

Lil’ Champ sprouted a massive mast and Mitchell sailed us home.

I created a fur child a couple weeks back … and I love her. Mitchell and I went to the SLC arts festival and some girl was selling some adorable plush monsters … for $75. I made a $6 version. And her name is Harriet.


As you can tell by looking at the calendar … job interviews are taking place … I am on the job hunt … again.  You might be thinking … “Wait! Didn’t you just get a job a few months ago?”  And the correct answer is .. “Yes. Yes I did.”    To make a long story short:  I don’t go home at the end of each night feeling right… morally. I hate being associated with the business and the things that go on there. Shady. The end.


On a side note … I cut my hair.  Like a little boy. And I love it. My name is now Aaron.


happy bert day.

August 4th marked my dear mother’s bertday.  We thought we would honor her by bringing a bertday cake … ancient greek mosaic style.  Mitchell tried this new recipe which produced a very lovely and moist cake … more moist than a towelette.

The party didn’t officially begin until she put on her party pants.  Party pants on?  Check.  The real fun can now begin.   Every family should have a designated pair of party pants.

Unibrows?  Check.   

Mom has matured and at the ripe young age of 57 has blossomed into a beautiful bearded woman.

we love you mom.  happy bertday.


"No disassemble Number Five! "

To all who read this post about Short Circuit and wished there was an easy and free way to enjoy the many thrills of 1980's cinema... I have good news! Its now available streaming from hulu WATCH NOW!

The fact its on hulu is proof that it isn't that bad.... Also they are planning to remake the movie.... Whose down for joining me on opening night?


Just Mostly Dead.

We’re not dead.  Just mostly dead.  There’s a big difference between the two.  Here is a slight recap of our lives.

* Lil’ Champ, the prodigal car, returned home to us tonight after a months absence.  Turns out all he needed was a new starter. We knew Lil’ Champ would be back for more.  He is  a cat … 9 lives … I think this last little issue was life number 7.

* My new job … the job that we had been waiting and praying for … the job that required us to move to SLC …. is not what I thought it was going to be.  Slightly disheartening.   Love being able to walk to work.  Like my co-workers.  Not loving my boss.  We do not get along.  I have never had this happen …to this level or degree … ever.  Not loving the fact that my blood pressure, cortisol levels, mood, and digestive system have all taken a toll thanks to stress.

* Our new apartment. Love the space.  Love being able to decorate.  Love that Mitchell now has his very own man cave.  Love the washer and dryer that was included.  Not in love with the neighbors.  They stink … literally.  One of our neighbors started this rumor that I had burnt my face badly while lighting the pilot light in our apartment … as a result I was suing the landlord … and as a result of that, the landlord was evicting us.  For real?  That’s the best rumor you could come up with? Seriously.  On a more positive note … we live mere minutes from my favorite Indian restaurant. 

* Mitchell had a serious relationship going on with KSL classifieds a little while back.  He found: a free tv, a free printer, a free sewing table and PFAFF sewing machine, an office desk for his man cave and an entertainment center.

Here are some pictures from our latest adventures 

a little sidewalk chalk and a lot of talent …

Mitchell could be mistaken for a platypus and I am eyeless.

face off. mitchell won.

mitchell had a birthday shout hooray.

monster cupcakes were necessary.

we explored some of Salt Lake’s parks

we made friends with the sweetest little owl.  

thought I had a slug between my toes … looked down … ended up being something much less sanitary.  That dog must have done its dirty deed, merely minutes before I took this fatal step.

old mission president got home …. missionary reunion happened.

saltair – sooo stinky … and sooo salty.  mitchell and I walked away from this adventure high in sodium.

no a/c does wonders for my hair

pioneer day.   pure sparkler love.  the purest kind of love you can have.      

bippity – boppity – boo.