Hot Tubbin’

Erin Fillmore: Hot Spring Specialist. 

I have researched every hot spring in Utah known to man within the last week or so.  One day Mitchell and I will trek down to Spanish Fork to visit the mother load of all springs

The Fifth Water Springs


But for now Mitchell and I had to settle for the hot springs in Ogden.  How the heck did we live in Ogden for an entire year and never know about this?  Such a shame.

What better way to spend your Thanksgiving morning than soaking in a poor mans hot tub? I don’t think there is a better way.

I’ll admit, I was kinda sorta maybe nervous to embrace this murky hot abyss when it came right down to it. Visions of dead animal carcasses, bacteria and poop filled my head … but when you are standing in single digit weather with a slight breeze… you don’t care.  You just want in.

I don’t think it would pass the white glove test  … but it was surprisingly clean. 

It was a balmy 12 degrees as we headed out on our hot tub adventure.   The whole hot spring mist thing mixed with hair and icelandic type weather made for frozen/crunchy hair. 


Now getting out of the spring and into dry clothing again was a entirely new adventure/challenge. 


I must say, our first encounter with a hot spring was rather delightful. Mitchell and I will be back for more.


Mirien said...

You are kidding me! It was so cold today! And Erin, you look like a model for Columbia outerwear--send them your picture. But your hair? Yikes!

merathon said...

you guys are brave-- at the condo in Vail earlier this week, there was a hot tub outside but we didn't dare go out there cuz it was in the single digit temps!

The Dahle Family said...

Erin -- now you totally look like a Norwegian model, but that dude in the pool looks more like Tumnis (think Narnia) than our little bro . . .
Net and Layna