summer lovin’


Summer.  Where did you go?  But seriously … 

We spent Mitchell’s birthday doing something we all love … eating ice cream.

photo 1(1)photo 2(1)

We went to the Fillmore family reunion in Provo

photo 4

I have been busy buying little boy stuff and contrary to popular belief …

little boys are just as fun to shop for.

photo 5

We attended the wedding receptions for Kevin Vaughn and Michelle Lowe.

photo 2(2)



Started to embark on this adventure … heaven help us.

photo 1(2) 

Attended the Ogden Temple open house

photo 4(1)  

Pregnancy update:  7 weeks to go before our world will be officially rocked.  

I’m feeling great … just big.  And I feel like I spend 75% of my days adjusting clothing … pulling shirts down and pants up.   So to solve that problem … I just don’t wear pants anymore.





Oh and a bunch of photos of Winter … because I said so.

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