30 weeks. 210 days. 5040 hours.

My, oh me, oh my. Boy, how time flies when you’re having fun … and having a baby.    

It still blows my mind everyday to think that there is a little person in there.   Pregnancy has truly been a crazy/cool/weird/exciting experience.  

Just a Few of the Things I have Enjoyed:

- all the little kicks/jabs letting me know this is all real

- how in love Mitchell is already with this little baby

- the way Mitchell looks, touches, and talks to my stomach

- thinking about all the possible Mitchell/Erin physical characteristic combinations

- talking to her on the way to work

Just a Few of the Things I Could do Without:

- this little baby likes to use my bladder as a punching bag

- the added poundage … I’m not stressing too much, after all I’m no rookie when it comes to weight loss.

- the fact that women feel the need to tell me their birthing horror stories

Honestly, I can’t complain at all.  This has been a huge blessing and miracle in our lives. 

Bring on the baby!

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