Drive By Photography Shooting


Shooting and editing make my heart so incredibly happy.

A few from some recent photo shoots.





















Barton (9 of 70)edit


Barton (20 of 70)edit


Barton (42 of 70)edit


Barton (67 of 70)edit


Barton (12 of 70)edit


Barton (69 of 70)vintage


Play That Funky Music White Girl


The 70’s.

Bell Bottoms.  Sideburns.  Afros.  Abba.  Hippies.  M*A*S*H.  Stretch Armstrong and ….

Ugly couches … but the good kind of ugly. Now it may be debatable whether or not there even is a good kind of ugly … but I believe, oh I believe.

I have a thing for old-ugly-retro couches and furniture.  I LOVE the sleek straight lines …

Yes, yes I know, they make modern couches that have a nice clean silhouette now but honestly I can’t fork out the moo-lah they are asking for those pretty little things. 

 Trust me, a beautiful modern grey couch is on my wish list … but this will have to quench my modern-straight-couch thirst for now ….

1972 was a good year.


Poor Mitchell doesn’t quite see my vision.


“The couch looks and smells like something from a baby diaper” 


The color … yes, can’t argue with that … the smell? … a “vintage aroma” would be more accurate 


I love it.



Masculine Hair, Stunning Niece and Marshmallow Sheets


Mitchell is funny.  More than just funny … the funny-ist eva’. 


I, on the other hand, have hair comparable to my homeboy, JB (justin beiber). I never knew my hair would leave such an impression.  I’m pretty sure I will forever be known as the crazy aunt who cut her hair like a boy … ON PURPOSE. That crraaazzzy Aunt Erin.

You win some. You lose some.



2011-05-24 06.44.39



A while back I did a little photo shoot with our gorgeous doe- eyed-avid-reader-niece Alyssa …



Mitchell and I celebrated back in May, being together for 2 years … 730 days … 17,520 hours … 1,051,200 minutes. Best 1,051,200 minutes of my life. 

We decided to celebrate Hotel Monaco style.

I married a model.


Just sleeping there for one night gave me a slight case of “bed envy” …the sheets,like butta’ … the comforter, so marshmallow-like … I seriously felt like the Queen of England. Maybe when Mitchell rules the world and I’m making booukobucks being a photography rockstar, we will have butter sheets and a marshmallow comforter.  Fingers crossed.




Cheers to us.  Bring on eternity.