Masculine Hair, Stunning Niece and Marshmallow Sheets


Mitchell is funny.  More than just funny … the funny-ist eva’. 


I, on the other hand, have hair comparable to my homeboy, JB (justin beiber). I never knew my hair would leave such an impression.  I’m pretty sure I will forever be known as the crazy aunt who cut her hair like a boy … ON PURPOSE. That crraaazzzy Aunt Erin.

You win some. You lose some.



2011-05-24 06.44.39



A while back I did a little photo shoot with our gorgeous doe- eyed-avid-reader-niece Alyssa …



Mitchell and I celebrated back in May, being together for 2 years … 730 days … 17,520 hours … 1,051,200 minutes. Best 1,051,200 minutes of my life. 

We decided to celebrate Hotel Monaco style.

I married a model.


Just sleeping there for one night gave me a slight case of “bed envy” …the sheets,like butta’ … the comforter, so marshmallow-like … I seriously felt like the Queen of England. Maybe when Mitchell rules the world and I’m making booukobucks being a photography rockstar, we will have butter sheets and a marshmallow comforter.  Fingers crossed.




Cheers to us.  Bring on eternity.


Mirien said...

That hotel bedroom is awesome--you look like you belong there. Such a cute pix of you, boy-hair and all. And you just reminded me that I've got to print and hang some of your amazing photos!! Thank you, again!

Marliese said...

You lead an intriguing life. I love reading about it from your perspective. You describe it all so well--with your words and pictures.

I envy your talent and your good taste!