Getting Over Our Hill

 I never had any big trials growing up, unless you consider that bad perm job I had in the 5th grade.  In fact, I remember wondering when they would show up in life and what they would bring.  We always hear that we should learn something from the hard knocks of life.  As I experience more and more of life, I realize that one of the best gifts we can receive from our trials is empathy.  I LOVE what Annie Swetchine had to say about this:  

"Those who have suffered much, are like those who have learned many languages; they have learned to understand and be understood by all."   

There are so many difficult languages to learn. Mitchell and I learned a tough language this week and I am so grateful that we were filled with love and compassion and not bitterness and anger. I know that is a direct result of so many of your silent prayers and thoughts for us.  We love you all and have felt your love in return.  We are continuing to grow and we will get over and conquer this hill.

  I have had several days to ponder and reflect and music seems to speak to me.  


After The Storm - Mumford and Sons

And after the storm,I run and run as the rains come
And I look up, I look up,on my knees and out of luck,I look up. 
Night has always pushed up dayYou must know life to see decayBut I won't rot, I won't rotNot this mind and not this heart,I won't rot. 
And I took you by the handAnd we stood tall,And remembered our own land,What we lived for. 
And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears.And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.Get over your hill and see what you find there,With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.


Mirien said...

Just want you to know that I've been thinking of you since Mitchell told me. Wish I could hug you. Love you both.

loveland9 said...

Erin, whatever it is...you're right. You can learn empathy no other way! We're not always grateful for the things that we go through, but we ARE grateful that we can help someone else through whatever it is because we can say, "I know how you feel" and it speaks volumes. Hugs. Thinking of you both and hoping for the best. All will turn out alright.

love bug momma said...

hope all is ok. good luck!

Marliese said...

You two continue to amaze me. I love you guys. I've experienced a taste of what you're feeling...so I guess I can empathize a bit. It hurts. Continue to take it easy and take care.

Anita Preece said...

Is everything okay? I think about you often and miss you!

The Dahle Family said...

Glad you guys have felt our prayers. We definitely felt what real power there is in having lots of loved ones praying for you. And that one of the greatest miracles is just what you described--that you can respond with love and compassion rather than bitterness. Because it does so often go the other way. Beautifully expressed, Erin. We had to learn that language, too--it does hurt. I'm glad to hear that you guys are OK, handling it with such eternal perspective and faith. We love you!

Melayna said...

I love what you said about trials giving us the gift of empathy. Just like Elder Richards said in conference today -- that feeling pain helps us learn how to better succor His people, as well as better understand the Savior. I can't totally empathize with your specific situation, but I feel your pain -- I know what it's like to have a righteous desire unfulfilled, at least for right now. Thanks for your example of faith and perseverance -- thinking of you both!! Love ya.

Lynn said...

I know I never actually spoke to you about this. I think because I really just didn't know what to say. Bret and I felt horrible when we found out and we definitely prayed for you guys. I know you'll have another chance but for now that doesn't take away the sting of what you've lost. All I can say is that I'm sorry. I'm glad you are finding a way to get over this hill. We love you.