Decking the Halls


Mitchell was so excited to wrap and display some of the presents he got for me … one problem … we didn’t have a tree to put them under.  Mitchell solved that quickly … and boy do we have a tree. 

You may have to treat this picture like one of those I Spy books. 

This tree is very portable. Fold it up and it can fit in your back pocket. It helps cut back on the electricity bill. And since we don’t use those trendy reusable grocery bags or plant a tree each Earth Day we were feeling a little guilty. So we thought we would give Mother Earth a break. Instead of chopping down an entire tree … we are using a mere 1/8,333 of a tree. Just trying to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint people.


Mitchell also wanted to display our classy reindeer. After all it does say that it is for INDOOR/outdoor use on the box. We received this as a wedding present if you remember … click here

Mitchell opened it. 

Shock. Dismay. Crushed dreams.  Tears.

The reindeer was no where to be found. For those of you who don’t have your thinking caps on … yes that means we didn’t really officially  open this wedding present … ever. For 1.5 years we believed we were the proud owners of this festive decoration.


Maybe a little.

But we will get over it now that we are the proud owners of some authentic oriental dinnerware. 

Bring on the egg drop soup.


Hot Tubbin’

Erin Fillmore: Hot Spring Specialist. 

I have researched every hot spring in Utah known to man within the last week or so.  One day Mitchell and I will trek down to Spanish Fork to visit the mother load of all springs

The Fifth Water Springs


But for now Mitchell and I had to settle for the hot springs in Ogden.  How the heck did we live in Ogden for an entire year and never know about this?  Such a shame.

What better way to spend your Thanksgiving morning than soaking in a poor mans hot tub? I don’t think there is a better way.

I’ll admit, I was kinda sorta maybe nervous to embrace this murky hot abyss when it came right down to it. Visions of dead animal carcasses, bacteria and poop filled my head … but when you are standing in single digit weather with a slight breeze… you don’t care.  You just want in.

I don’t think it would pass the white glove test  … but it was surprisingly clean. 

It was a balmy 12 degrees as we headed out on our hot tub adventure.   The whole hot spring mist thing mixed with hair and icelandic type weather made for frozen/crunchy hair. 


Now getting out of the spring and into dry clothing again was a entirely new adventure/challenge. 


I must say, our first encounter with a hot spring was rather delightful. Mitchell and I will be back for more.