Hallow’s Eve


Goodness, I love this holiday. 

Costumes … candy … awesome fall weather … incredible pumpkin/fall food … parties

How could you hate it?

We had our annual Hicken Halloween dinner

_DSC8046edit _DSC8057edit

I had other costume plans … until I tried on multiple costumes and realized that I just had a baby two weeks ago.   And when you have had a baby two weeks ago there is no way you are fitting into your old size unless you are a celebrity.  Silly me.  So we had to improvise fast … so Fantastic Mr & Mrs Fox it was.


Mirien invited us to come trick or treating with Hayley and Corinne (Winter’s cousins).  Winter loved it so much.  She had been saying that she wanted to be a dragon all week up until about 5 minutes before we left … Snow White it was.

I threw on some cat makeup (which Winter loved) … put Forest in the wrap and we headed out. 

***What you are not seeing in this photo is the massive amount of baby puke all over my chest Forest decided to gift me with as soon as I put him in the wrap.  The show must go on***


Mitchell had a costume contest at work.  He made an excellent Marv (Home Alone)  In fact, he won the contest. 


And here is princess Winter.

_DSC8141edit _DSC8159edit _DSC8194edit _DSC8222edit




Time drags and yet flies by these days. 

Having two kids is kind of chaotic and it has made Mitchell and I rethink how many kids we want.  HA.  I’m sure those of you with 5+ kids are rolling your eyes.   I know it gets somewhat easier as your kids get older, but man, Mitchell and I are both sporting a few more grey hairs.

Forest is pretty cute though … all I have to do is just look at his adorable face and I forget about all the missed hours of sleep and my slowly dwindling sanity. 

- He LOVES the sound of running water :  I have a white noise app on my phone that has a running water option that I play all night

- He is crazy cranky from 6 – 10 pm :  this is when I become brain dead.  He refuses to eat and as a result gets even more mad.  Acid reflux perhaps?  I have already given up dairy … I have tried gripe water .. I have tried pumping and using a bottle … and I have tried formula.  Who knows.  These babies just always keep us guessing.  I can only hope it gets better with time.

- Baby wearing is the best thing since sliced bread (especially with two kids)  doing dishes and folding laundry is once again a feasible task.

- I love it when he attempts to eat my chin. LOVE. IT.

- I shower … sometimes.

- Winter’s ipad watching time has increased to my dismay.

- I have upgraded our diaper bag to a duffle bag … quite literally.  The amount of snacks, diapers, changes of clothes etc for two kids is cuckoo.

- to sum it all up …


_DSC8233mbw _DSC8252edit _DSC8255edit

You know those super adorable sibling photos you see?   There was no amount of trick or treat candy that could talk Winter into even laying next to him.   Oh brother.   She really does like him … I promise.