a half birthday and a full birthday


6.5 months

has perfected the army crawl

loves bath time

constantly has things in his mouth

I looooooove this kid … like a lot.

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I tried and tried … to get Winter to put on some clothes for some pictures.  No deal.  Nude and crazy.  I love her.


I had a birthday … combined with easter and general conference.  Triple whammy.


Not quite sure how I feel about this one.   Kind of a hard pill to swallow.

Its not the wrinkles or the weak bladder control that scares me … its the fact that life is passing too fast.  Some days just seem to drag but then birthdays and anniversaries sneak up on me and slap me in the face.   They seem to say, “Get your act together, Erin.  Stop focusing so much on the daily grind and start playing more with your kids.  Stop and breath and take in your surroundings.”   So I guess that will be my goal for my 30th year.


Mitchell put his handy dandy homemaking skills to good use and made an easter bread basket. 

That Mitchell is a keeper.


Speaking of Mitchell being a keeper ….

I was telling Mitchell before my birthday how I haven’t really felt pretty or even “put together” for a really really really long time.   He handed me this on my birthday.


I have been talking about how I want to color my hair for a while now.  I have wanted an “ombre” style but just couldn’t justify spending the money especially since we have set a strict budget.  Mitchell granted my wish and even threw in a little spanish humor.  Keeper, I tell ya.