New Kids on the Block

Perks of the New Apartment

1.  Natural Light –  above ground windows rock my world.

2.  Carpet – We can now lay down on the floor without breaking our backs on tile.

3.  Room to Decorate – When I get stressed … I like to create … thank goodness for this outlet.

4.  350 additional sq ft – need I say more?

5.  Man Cave –  just like Bruce Wayne needs a Bat Cave … Mitchell needs a Man Cave (aka our 2nd bedroom)… so he can do manly things … in … the Man Cave.

6.  Washer & Dryer – Laundromat is a swear word. 

Welcome to our humble home. 

I think my favorite thrift find so far is our  $4 lego lamp.  It was originally brown … a little red spray paint and … viola’.


Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

For the past 3 months my pants have been on fire.  I extinguished my pants yesterday and they are no longer smoldering or smoking. 

I quit my job. 

I had a lovely (and when I say a lovely I really mean ugly) 40 minute phone conversation with my boss over my lunch break.  I told her I didn’t agree with what was going on in the clinic and I felt very dishonest.  I was lying to people by not telling them the entire truth.  I didn’t want to be associated with the company any longer.  Excuses and reasons were given as to why things are the way they are. I told her that my morals and standards were and are not going to change.

  This whole experience has really opened my eyes.  The owners of the company are LDS and yet we disagree on what is honest and ethical.   Mitchell made a very excellent point the other day.   Everyone has a different definition for what ethical and honesty really mean.  He said that if anyone else thinks you are dishonest then you probably are playing too close to the line.  I couldn’t agree more.

Was I nervous making the phone call?  Absolutely.  Was I nervous to tell someone that I thought they were dishonest? You betcha’.  I was in a cold sweat the entire day just knowing that I had to have that conversation.

But next to marrying Mitchell and going on a mission … this was the best decision of my life. 

 I am very happy to have my nose back to its original size.



Pillows and Monsters and Interviews. Oh My.

I have discovered a slight fetish … a pillow fetish. 

As you can tell … I don’t like matchy matchy when it comes to decorating.   And yes … that is a rabbit/wild fox/bigfoot hair pillow. And yes … I am wearing jean cut off shorts … go ahead … judge me.

Mitchell and I wandered over to the park today on a mission.  A branch finding mission.  Mission complete.  I have a little decorating project up my sleeve.  I have all these ideas in my head … and I never just know how they will turn out. Pictures will follow in the following weeks … IF all goes well

Lil’ Champ sprouted a massive mast and Mitchell sailed us home.

I created a fur child a couple weeks back … and I love her. Mitchell and I went to the SLC arts festival and some girl was selling some adorable plush monsters … for $75. I made a $6 version. And her name is Harriet.


As you can tell by looking at the calendar … job interviews are taking place … I am on the job hunt … again.  You might be thinking … “Wait! Didn’t you just get a job a few months ago?”  And the correct answer is .. “Yes. Yes I did.”    To make a long story short:  I don’t go home at the end of each night feeling right… morally. I hate being associated with the business and the things that go on there. Shady. The end.


On a side note … I cut my hair.  Like a little boy. And I love it. My name is now Aaron.