New Kids on the Block

Perks of the New Apartment

1.  Natural Light –  above ground windows rock my world.

2.  Carpet – We can now lay down on the floor without breaking our backs on tile.

3.  Room to Decorate – When I get stressed … I like to create … thank goodness for this outlet.

4.  350 additional sq ft – need I say more?

5.  Man Cave –  just like Bruce Wayne needs a Bat Cave … Mitchell needs a Man Cave (aka our 2nd bedroom)… so he can do manly things … in … the Man Cave.

6.  Washer & Dryer – Laundromat is a swear word. 

Welcome to our humble home. 

I think my favorite thrift find so far is our  $4 lego lamp.  It was originally brown … a little red spray paint and … viola’.


aunt jan said...

If the Lego Lamp ever needs a new home, give him a map to our house. He is beautiful. I love his new red coat.

aunt jan said...

And the draperies are fab. They can also come play at my house.

Marliese said...

Your abode is very cozy and fun and tasteful. I think it's miles ahead of our first apartment! Nice work...you have a knack and a good eye. Good luck with the job hunt. I think you are both amazing...and honest:).

Shaunna said...

I love all the F's on your wall. and the Lego lamp rocks! Great decorating skills.