Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

For the past 3 months my pants have been on fire.  I extinguished my pants yesterday and they are no longer smoldering or smoking. 

I quit my job. 

I had a lovely (and when I say a lovely I really mean ugly) 40 minute phone conversation with my boss over my lunch break.  I told her I didn’t agree with what was going on in the clinic and I felt very dishonest.  I was lying to people by not telling them the entire truth.  I didn’t want to be associated with the company any longer.  Excuses and reasons were given as to why things are the way they are. I told her that my morals and standards were and are not going to change.

  This whole experience has really opened my eyes.  The owners of the company are LDS and yet we disagree on what is honest and ethical.   Mitchell made a very excellent point the other day.   Everyone has a different definition for what ethical and honesty really mean.  He said that if anyone else thinks you are dishonest then you probably are playing too close to the line.  I couldn’t agree more.

Was I nervous making the phone call?  Absolutely.  Was I nervous to tell someone that I thought they were dishonest? You betcha’.  I was in a cold sweat the entire day just knowing that I had to have that conversation.

But next to marrying Mitchell and going on a mission … this was the best decision of my life. 

 I am very happy to have my nose back to its original size.



The Dahle Family said...

When it comes to honesty, I think Mitchell's yardstick sounds like a great one to measure by. I mena, he's right, our behavior should be above reproach, not frequently brought into question. Way to have the guts to follow your gut, Erin! And may God bless you in finding a worthy employment endeavor to pursue!

Nancy said...

Yeah! You go Erin! That must have taken guts!

merathon said...

HOORAY! for some reason, i knew this wasn't the job for you even from the beginning, so i'm glad you are OUT OF THERE! you will be blessed for making the right choice and will find something amazing!

love bug momma said...

nice job! :>

Bret said...

I'm sure you probably didn't say enough in your phone conversation. Still, good job. I cringe every time I sell shady stuff.
Customer: Does this work?
Me: There is no research to suggest it does, though we do sell a lot.
Customer: I'll take 50.

JD and Ash said...

Good for you Erin!!

Mirien said...

You did the right thing. Money is so overrated, anyway. And now we can use you as an example in a future FHE lesson. Thanks, Erin!