Living In Color

Colored chalk? Check.  Thousands of people? Check. Beautiful weather? Check.  Very cool Aladdin temple? Check.  Purrrrrrrrfect …. all hail the Holi Festival of Colors!

Mitchell, Morgan, Ashley and I embarked on a colorful adventure Saturday afternoon.  I have been hearing about this festival for a couple years now and have always wanted to be a part of it.  And boy were we a part of it.

As soon as the man with the wonderful turban ended the countdown from 20 (who does a countdown from 20 … seriously) the chalk (actually colored cornstarch) began to fly.  100% insane.  A full on gas mask  or scuba gear would have been nice.  Our lungs, eyes and noses won’t be sending thank you cards to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple anytime soon. 

Mitchell is now a Dr. Seuss character


Yes I have purple teeth.  No it did not taste good.

Morgan’s Mel Gibson Braveheart-esque portrait

Ashley = a creepy pink oompa loompa

The dust of death still lingering in the air

  colorful unibrow

Nobody slipped Mitchell a mickey  I promise….

Thankfully Morgan and Ashley had a bag of DI clothes in their trunk, so we pulled on some very fashionable cuffed dress pants and shirts in order to save the upholstery in the car.  Overall I give the Holi Festival of Colors 5 stars.  Those  Indians sure know how to party.


Green Eggs and Artificially Flavored Textured Soybean Protein

We always hear we should eat some kind of greens everyday …. I had about 5 servings of “greens” Wednesday morning.  Mitchell made a wonderful green breakfast …. M&Ms for breakfast … can’t get much better than that.  Our artificial ham looks a little under the weather … it tasted slightly better than it looked. 


Fillmore Claim to Fame

Many, many …many years ago I was part of a tumbling class.  At the end of each class we would have a back bend endurance contest … I don’t want to be boastful … but I won those contests many a time.  And several years ago I was part of the largest Guinness World’s Records pillow fight.   Those few experiences are all that I have been able to claim in terms of fame …. that is until last night.  Last night was the BYU Philharmonic: Evening of Concertos.   No I did not perform …. but Mitchell’s brother’s wife did and I figure her fame has a trickle down affect in the family.   Ashley played a 13 minute cello solo with the orchestra accompanying her.  That guuuurl got skills fo’ sure.  She showed that cello who was boss. She was all over the bridge of that cello doing all sorts of finger aerobics.  You did us proud Ashley.  Thanks for making the Fillmores famous.

Morgan and Ashley in all her tangerine glory

Mitchell was called to be keeper of the flowers.


Merry March 12th

I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time.  I should have made a paper count down chain.  I woke up so giddy and excited.  Sounds a bit like Christmas right?  This morning might have been slightly better than Christmas morning …. this morning was my last day working at the gym.    You heard correctly … I gave my two weeks notice a while back …. adios! chao! sayonara! hasta la vista! toodles!  

pic taken at 3:00 am on Friday March 12, 2010 … the blessed day has arrived.


My 3:00 am alarm has been exterminated (Mitchell programmed my alarm to say “give me a kiss” because he didn’t want me to forget to give him a kiss before I left in the morning)

I hope I am not sounding ungrateful, wussy or picky …. this job came at the perfect time and it was good to me … but my body and brain just can’t handle it any longer … they are beginning to turn into mush … oatmeal … stinky pottage.   So from now on, I do not plan on waking up at 3:00 a.m. unless I have really bad heartburn or a terrible nightmare.


The Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast should be exciting.  Breakfast sets the tone for the entire day.  A boring breakfast of plain oatmeal puts a damper on my mood so I conjured up some magical pancakes.   Today is going to be great.


We Be Field Trippin’

The two best parts of school were surprise assemblies and … field trips.  I miss field trips.  So Mitchell and I hopped on our trusty blue steed and took a field trip.  

Destination #1 : Ensign Peak

Destination # 2 : Grand America. 

I love fancy pants hotels that have coooool fabric on the walls … such as this …..


This is where people lounge, and eat grey poupon I’m sure.

Mitchell lurking in the shadows.


Destination #3 Random cathedrals

(Tip: Old cathedral pews are not made for a giantess like me.  As you sit down, watch your knee and make sure it doesn’t smack the extremely sharp corner on the pew in front of you.  Such an occurrence may cause whimpering and a broken knee cap)

A very special couple.

     Ladies and gents … I’m proud to announce … SPRING!


Don’t Shaft the Craft

My friend Natalie suggested a while back that we have a friendly craft extravaganza.  Let’s get one thing straight, I am not a craftster.  I usually don’t like to be associated with crafts.  When I hear the word crafts I usually picture a table of older women painting wooden cut out scarecrows … using raffia, glitter glue and googlie eyes.  These awesome images also pop into my head. (please don’t be offended if these delightful creations are adorning your home this moment)craft1    craft2

craft3 craft4

I was thankful when Natalie arrived and raffia, glitter glue and googlie eyes were not present among her crafting supplies.  Natalie has taste, I had no need to fear.  So we gathered together around a bowl of awesomely good organic homemade granola (thanks to Seara) and began a craftin’.  And here are the end results ….

I’m super in love with my necklace I made …. It isn’t quite finished but here is what it will look like when I am done ….  tutorial found here http://pretty-ditty.blogspot.com/2009/10/beaded-fabric-flower-necklace-tutorial.html


and we made these super simple headbands…… http://racheldenbow.blogspot.com/2009/11/braided-headband-tutorial.html


and something similar to this …..


I will no longer shaft the craft.  I am not ashamed.