Fillmore Claim to Fame

Many, many …many years ago I was part of a tumbling class.  At the end of each class we would have a back bend endurance contest … I don’t want to be boastful … but I won those contests many a time.  And several years ago I was part of the largest Guinness World’s Records pillow fight.   Those few experiences are all that I have been able to claim in terms of fame …. that is until last night.  Last night was the BYU Philharmonic: Evening of Concertos.   No I did not perform …. but Mitchell’s brother’s wife did and I figure her fame has a trickle down affect in the family.   Ashley played a 13 minute cello solo with the orchestra accompanying her.  That guuuurl got skills fo’ sure.  She showed that cello who was boss. She was all over the bridge of that cello doing all sorts of finger aerobics.  You did us proud Ashley.  Thanks for making the Fillmores famous.

Morgan and Ashley in all her tangerine glory

Mitchell was called to be keeper of the flowers.


aunt jan said...

Wait a minute...I think you were able to carry the most marshmallows, using a teaspoon, the distance of the living room and depositing them in a cup. How bout them skills?!!

Erin said...

wow ... how could I have ... forgotten?

Ashley said...

thanks for coming. hope you enjoyed your nap.

Erin said...

how could i nap with that crazy pianist stomping her foot?