Don’t Shaft the Craft

My friend Natalie suggested a while back that we have a friendly craft extravaganza.  Let’s get one thing straight, I am not a craftster.  I usually don’t like to be associated with crafts.  When I hear the word crafts I usually picture a table of older women painting wooden cut out scarecrows … using raffia, glitter glue and googlie eyes.  These awesome images also pop into my head. (please don’t be offended if these delightful creations are adorning your home this moment)craft1    craft2

craft3 craft4

I was thankful when Natalie arrived and raffia, glitter glue and googlie eyes were not present among her crafting supplies.  Natalie has taste, I had no need to fear.  So we gathered together around a bowl of awesomely good organic homemade granola (thanks to Seara) and began a craftin’.  And here are the end results ….

I’m super in love with my necklace I made …. It isn’t quite finished but here is what it will look like when I am done ….  tutorial found here http://pretty-ditty.blogspot.com/2009/10/beaded-fabric-flower-necklace-tutorial.html


and we made these super simple headbands…… http://racheldenbow.blogspot.com/2009/11/braided-headband-tutorial.html


and something similar to this …..


I will no longer shaft the craft.  I am not ashamed.


aunt jan said...

My daughter...all grown up to be a crafter. And I love the fawn with the gerber daisy eyes. My next project!

The Dahle Family said...

Yeah, wearable crafts, defnitely prefer that over the knick-knack patty-whack-where-am-I-going-to-put-this crafts. Super cute--your future daughters are so lucky that you have such skills!

Marliese said...

Oh yeah, crafting is totally hip again, didn't you know? Hair accessories are all the rage. Can you teach us at the reunion? :)