We Be Field Trippin’

The two best parts of school were surprise assemblies and … field trips.  I miss field trips.  So Mitchell and I hopped on our trusty blue steed and took a field trip.  

Destination #1 : Ensign Peak

Destination # 2 : Grand America. 

I love fancy pants hotels that have coooool fabric on the walls … such as this …..


This is where people lounge, and eat grey poupon I’m sure.

Mitchell lurking in the shadows.


Destination #3 Random cathedrals

(Tip: Old cathedral pews are not made for a giantess like me.  As you sit down, watch your knee and make sure it doesn’t smack the extremely sharp corner on the pew in front of you.  Such an occurrence may cause whimpering and a broken knee cap)

A very special couple.

     Ladies and gents … I’m proud to announce … SPRING!


merathon said...

i have great memories of running to the top of ensign peak-- amazing view from up there!

ps-- sending you some new header love from NC!

Erin said...

we didn't make it to the top mer. a slippery mud path halted our hike ... so we only got a semi decent view. better luck next time i suppose.

i kinda like the header as well. thanks!