O' Little Town of Aurora

Over the river and through the woods to Aurora, Colorado we went for our first Christmas. A couple of weeks before Christmas, I would overhear Mitchell and his sisters conversing about all of the many Christmas treats that they were going to make .... peanut brittle, buckeyes, mexican wedding cookies, chocolates, caramel, fudge, christmas mix ........ I'm pretty sure I developed diabetes just thinking about all of that sugar. I am happy to say all of my pants fit when we got home.... my body must have only absorbed about 25% of the calories I ate....that in and of itself was a Christmas miracle.

We spent Christmas Eve at Monette (Mitchell's sister) and Aaron's house. The Christmas Eve lineup included everything from a Nativity program to playing Christmas carols with chimes.

happy donkey
The Fillmores do the whole 'breakfast before presents' thing aka torture ... so the Xander and Elodie were ready to explode with excitement by the time everyone finished their lovely breakfast casserole and orange rolls.

the posse
stocking goooooooodies ..... thanks for the glades plug in mom .... are you trying to tell us our house smells rancid ? ....
I will no longer be stealing Mitchell's socks

We made time for a little temple trip to Denver
The first little girl we have is going to suffer greatly. I thought doing hair would be a cinch. Wrong. Clips, braids, barrettes, twists, ringlettes, even neat pony tails may be too complex for me. I plan on investing in many a headband for our future little girl ... or girls.

first 'doing girl hair' attempt


Santa Baby

Erin's Christmas List 2009

1. an itunes gift card
2. socks
3. underwear
4. a picture with a mall Santa

A certain display caught my eye the other day as Mitchell and I were cruising through the mall. A giant rotating Rudolph, a life size Sam the Snowman (the jolly snowman who sings "Silver and Gold") and giant mountains covered in snow. We peeked through the decor to spot a very jolly St Nick. I wanted a fun FREE picture with Santa, I even had my camera in my purse but I knew that I would be turned down by the elf taking the "professional" photos.

But I didn't give up quite so easily....

I'm not quite sure if Santa is throwing me a look of admiration or maybe Santa has a crush on me ......

My mother is the best. She rarely turns down any request I might throw in her direction. So when I proposed a "mall Santa photo" she was all for it. My dad gladly agreed to be our professional photographer. He could hardly keep a straight face after taking this next picture ........

I had no idea that my uh ....upper ... uh .... torso area .... was all up in Santa's grill. So sorry Santa.


Triple Date

Don't judge us....but had my parents not invited us to see the lights at Temple Square ... I don't think we would have gone. Is that ba-humbugish of us? The crowds and frigid temperatures usually rub me the wrong way ... but this year was puuuuuurfect. Perfect temp. Perfect amount of YW/YM groups present (close to none). And perfect hot chocolate to end the night.

couple #1
couple #2

couple #3


I Like Breathing

This picture has been four long years in the making. I guess I can't really say that I am officially graduated until I have that coveted diploma in my hot little hand. Nevertheless, homework, projects, presentations, internships, exams, classroom time, tuition, books .... all have magically become extinct. This entire semester has been a tad painful .... I think I could relate it to having a really fat guy sitting on my chest. That fat guy has finally decided to get off and I can breath again. I would like to thank that fat guy who sat on my chest all those years for making me stronger.

not a fan of the "baby blue" tassel ...what happened to purple?
Adorable and supportive Mitchell and I

thanks mumsie and popsie, couldn't have done it without you


It's Hammer Time

Is this post a little tardy? Perhaps. Better late than never. Halloween is a special time of year when we are able to let our alter egos shine without any shame... and boy did we ever. We need to give our local Savers and our trusty sewing machine some credit, we couldn't have done it without them.

Mitchell has had this gold material for quite some time. He requested some pants to be made almost one year ago, but it just didn't happen...until now.

MC Hammer and Blonde Snob