O' Little Town of Aurora

Over the river and through the woods to Aurora, Colorado we went for our first Christmas. A couple of weeks before Christmas, I would overhear Mitchell and his sisters conversing about all of the many Christmas treats that they were going to make .... peanut brittle, buckeyes, mexican wedding cookies, chocolates, caramel, fudge, christmas mix ........ I'm pretty sure I developed diabetes just thinking about all of that sugar. I am happy to say all of my pants fit when we got home.... my body must have only absorbed about 25% of the calories I ate....that in and of itself was a Christmas miracle.

We spent Christmas Eve at Monette (Mitchell's sister) and Aaron's house. The Christmas Eve lineup included everything from a Nativity program to playing Christmas carols with chimes.

happy donkey
The Fillmores do the whole 'breakfast before presents' thing aka torture ... so the Xander and Elodie were ready to explode with excitement by the time everyone finished their lovely breakfast casserole and orange rolls.

the posse
stocking goooooooodies ..... thanks for the glades plug in mom .... are you trying to tell us our house smells rancid ? ....
I will no longer be stealing Mitchell's socks

We made time for a little temple trip to Denver
The first little girl we have is going to suffer greatly. I thought doing hair would be a cinch. Wrong. Clips, braids, barrettes, twists, ringlettes, even neat pony tails may be too complex for me. I plan on investing in many a headband for our future little girl ... or girls.

first 'doing girl hair' attempt


The Dahle Family said...

We are SO GLAD that you guys came! We missed you tonight at our New Year's festivities!

merathon said...

glad to see pics of what we missed out on! looks like a great time, of course!

oh, and in case you hadn't noticed. my girls almost SOLELY wear headbands! i am also very challenged in the hair-doing department which is sad since i have THREE girls.

Mirien said...

Looks like all Fillmore traditions were suitably recognized, so I have no need to report you to the Christmas traditions police. Wait a minute...Monette is the traditions police! No wonder.

Marliese said...

Maybe we all share the deficiency in hair-doing. I am the same way! I am blown away by some of the hair-dos the little girls at church have.

Erin, I don't think the clip looks half bad! You'll be fine. Who did your french braid headband?? Cute...