Slush Puppies

My very first ice skating experience was on a frozen reservoir in Aurora when i was probably 13. It was one of the first things that I was naturally semi-decent at. So when Erin told me a dazzling tale of happy children playing ice hockey on the frozen Weber State duck pond, I longed to have an adventure of my own.

I dusted off my skates and my wool knee-high socks and headed toward the pond.

It was a nice sunny day, decently warm for January. So bright we couldn't even keep our eyes open.

With my skates securely laced, i was ready to go.

Under what looks like snow and slush, was a layer of smooth, unadulterated ice.

Where i could really open up my wings and soar.

Then when I was done showing off for the locals, Erin and I built a lovely snow-man in the middle of the pond.

Snow face is better than no face.


merathon said...

THANK YOU for the jack frost reference. that movie can NEVER be quoted too much. i do love the bush eyebrows and moustache-- very nice touch. and seriously, mitch-- you can get AIR like that on ice skates? i had no idea you had those skills. . .

Melayna said...

Sounds like a lovely day in the park . . . But is it wrong that I was waiting/holding my breath for some crazy crash-and-burn, race-to-the-hospital, need-emergency-plastic-surgery-to-repair-the-hideous-blade-lines-on-my-face kind of crash landing? (Have you ever seen more -dashes- in a sentence??) It's just that I know you, and I've come to expect a certain number of natural disasters to befall you -- just like people expect me to wreck a car every other month . . . Not that I'm disappointed that you're OK, but maybe you could fake a cool crash pic for after your amazing jump, just for the reader's entertainment . . . Somethin' to consider, eh? :-)

Erin said...

cool crash pic. genius. pure genius. we need to hire you melayna as our creative photo shoot assistant. maybe next time.

aunt jan said...

I would like to see a blog from Melayna. I'd be an avid reader. Not that M and E aren't truly inspiring bloggers. Or is that boogers...Loved the "Blades of Glory" story.

Marliese said...

What a stud, Mitch! Do you truly have your own ice skates? I'm jealous, and confused...what was the tennis shoe picture about?

Love ya, glad you didn't crash and burn.