Friday Night Finds

Lunchbox gummies. Honestly, who doesn't love a good gummie meal? Mitchell and I paid Carl's Super Saver (our local second hand food store) a little visit last night and found a treasure. I was a little hesitant to buy it at first ... but then I examined it further.... lettuce, meat, tomatoes, cheese, tortillas....sounded like a fiesta in a box. Then I read "sweet and sour flavors." .... that sealed the deal for me.

As we opend the box, I was blown away by the smell that filled the air. The best way I can describe it is ...a combination of B.O. and the rank odors that sometimes emit from a garbage disposal. So disappointing... and weird.

That long yellow thing resembles the cheese ..... string cheese maybe?
So the tacos were a huge letdown ... but check out these 10 cent earrings! I couldn't say no. I love that the earrings look like they have been sitting outside for a couple years ... they could pass as vintage .... maybe. Jewel-tek ... hahaha.

This next one is a legitimate find. I have been searching for a sweet bedspread since we got married. I really love the look of the quilted blankets, but they usually run from $80 and beyond. I had looked at Overstock.com, Ebay, all your big box department stores ... nothing ... until last night. Thank you clearance at Target .... gotta love Target gift cards left over from the wedding.


Natster said...

love it! How are you? What are you doing with no school? Are you loving it? :)

aunt jan said...

You got the "bargain" gene if nothing else. Oh, and the "cute" gene too. Way to spend a Friday night. hugs and kisses

Erin said...

nat: i LOVE the no homework, no presentations, no tution .... but it's a little tricky getting into the whole real world career thing. i'm positive you won't have a problem in the spring, you have a little experience in everything. i think its super duper cool you are teaching classes now. go you!

Marliese said...

Love that quilted blanket! Love Target, too. Nice find!