Four months.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about this.  Before I know it I will have a 6 month old, and then 1 yr will creep up …. I like my little baby.   

Speaking of little … Winter is anything but little.  Yesterday the Dr reported that she is ABOVE the 100th percentile in height.  We either have a super model or volleyball player on our hands.   The poor girl had to get not one, or even two shots … but FIVE yesterday.   She screamed.  Not the I’m-a-thirteen-yr-old-girl-and-I-just-won-tickets-to-a-Justin-Bieber-concert type scream … more like the someone-is-coming-to-murder-me type scream.  I’m pretty sure she is known in the doctor’s office for her screaming.   Each shot was like a dagger to my heart. 
The Doctor was kind of appalled when I told her Winter still wakes up every 3 hours during the night.  So she commanded me to begin sleep training.  And began, we did.  She only cried for two hours straight last night … on a positive note it gave me extra time to do some dishes and make Mitchell’s lunch.   Round 2 will be happening tonight. 


We got to spend a week in Denver visiting family.  I have learned it is ten billion times harder to take photos now that we are carrying Winter around.  I got home and realized that I didn’t get near the amount of photos I wanted during our stay.  Oh well.  
During our stay we got to go to the candy factory with Monette, Xander, Elodie and Rachael.
The happy group.
My parents have now been on their mission for an entire month.  Craaazzzy.  They are incredibly happy serving in the Lock Haven branch and love to send photos our way …
MTC district
Loverly forest
Furry Forest Animal
Cool Pic
A group of Mennonites have an ice cream shop in town
ice shack treatspooky forest
Morbid picture for Halloween
head on tree
And they are in Amish country for sure. 
Amish buggies
Amish team



Winter turned 3 months over the weekend.  Three months … that’s not really a long time, yet it feels like she has been a part of our family forever and its weird to think about a time without her.  

- She enjoys sucking on her hands and then wiping them all over me

- She hates being alone … if I leave the room for a minute you better believe there will be some whining from her end

- She caught her first cold and is still getting over it.  The amount of screaming and crying thanks to the snot-bulb-sucker-of-death is out of control.  I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t called CPA on us yet …

- She gets a million and two compliments on her lips per week … the second most common comment is “Well, she sure isn’t starving.”

- She loves having her feet rubbed … with lotion.  What a spoiled baby.



Winter met Grandma Fillmore for the first time.


We visited Gardner Village with the Church Family

The famous Mitchell smirk.



And my parents left for the MTC yesterday.  I don’t think it has really hit me that they are officially off on this awesome adventure.   Watch out Pennsylvania, here they come.


We celebrated with some Pittsburgers.


They will be missed, but we are excited to hear their experiences.  It will be one heck of a party when they get back, along with my little brother Craig,  in the spring.