Strike 1 1/2

3 job interviews … in 3 days … all in Salt Lake City.  After sending my resume to a million quadrillion companies (okay, maybe only a million) during the month of January … I finally began hearing back from people last week.  The first of these three companies was Deseret News.  Deseret News … how cool would that be?  Working downtown … in a tall building .. wearing smart business clothes all the time.  I walked into the interview room and the layout looked a lot like something you would see on American Idol.  The room was empty except for a long table with 3 (the chief editors of Deseret News and The Church News) very intimidating people sitting at it …. and one lone chair in front of that table.  I took my seat and endured the interview, sweating and wincing the entire way.    I knew immediately I would not need to find any business clothes to add to my wardrobe.  Strike 1.

My second interview was with some trucking insurance company on the East side.  These people seemed a bit uptight for me.  I wish they would have thrown in a nice fluffy question amidst the deep soul searching questions …. like “ If you could be any animal what would like to be?” The tension was pretty thick in that interview and it was suffocating me.  Possibly strike 2 … haven’t heard back yet. 

Lucky interview #3 was with a wireless broadband equipment company … sounds riveting … I know.  The first interview went well enough they thought they would call me in for a second round.  I had my second interview yesterday … with their corporate offices in California … a webcam interview.   Nice.  Who knows what will come of this interview but as I drove home, Bob Marley serenaded me with words of wisdom … “Don’t worry … bout’ a thing. Cause every little thing … is gonna be alright.”  Maybe those were the drugs talking … but either way … thanks Bob.



Piquantly Parisian said...

I seriously HATE interviewing. I've been doing a bit of it lately and have had no success yet so I totally understand striking out. Hopefully the last one will be a wild success!

aunt jan said...

Who needs a cool job when you've got cool hair like this? Quite the rug.

Mirien said...

Well, they are missing out--that's all I can say. If they really knew you, they'd all be offering you jobs! Hope you find something soon!

The Dahle Family said...

We're in the stands routing for you that you don't get struck out! And Bob's right. And maybe you need to get a job that uses your photo-spiffing skills.

Marliese said...

Ah man...life is rough! I'm sorry...but someone will discover you soon. That photo did turn out so cool!