Tom vs Jerry. Tyson vs Holyfield. Wile E. Coyote vs Road Runner.

Kitchen rug vs Bathroom rug. Our rugs duked it out yesterday in the washer...

Kitchen Rug Bathroom Rug
Boxing Stance: Orthodox Boxing Stance: Orthodox
Length: 4’6” Length: 3’8”
Fight Reach: 24” Fight Reach: 20.5”
Number of TKOs: 3 Number of TKOs: 1
Total Career Fights: 7 Total Career Fights: 4


The bathroom rug didn’t stand a chance.
Once a nice shade of ice blue ... now a lovely violet.


aunt jan said...

Ouch. Those cotton rugs don't hold color. But you already know that now....

Marliese said...

Hope you love pinkish violet...bummer. Nice boxing analogy :).