Little Red Riding in da’ Hood

awesome silky lacey pink nightgown? check.  snout? check.  authentic wolf fur? check.  red hood? check.

once again … Savers provided for all our halloween needs this year.

awesome silky lacey pink nightgown:  we were thrilled to find this little pink number.  i just wasn’t thrilled to be sifting through a bunch of gross “night wear” at savers.  i get creeped out by used things that people sleep in.

snout:  it was originally a tiger nose.  shoe polish works wonders.

authentic wolf fur:  mitchell and i found this fur a couple months ago at a great price …. so we bought some … quite a bit actually. 

red hood:  a red flannel sheet at savers + hood tutorial online


merathon said...

i want the full body shots of both of you together! these are great-- kendall was little red riding hood this year too, but she didn't have a creepy wolf to go along with her!

which hood tutorial did you use?

The Dahle Family said...

I love you guys! And I think I want us to be like you two some day. So fun!

aunt jan said...

Good thing you left out the part where the woodcutter axes the wolf to death. He's just way too cute. The wolf in grandma's clothing, that is.

Marliese said...

The nightgown is awesome--nice and snug on you, Mitch. I love it. And the hood is professional.

You've done it again. The fun NEVER stops...