The Baby In Me


Photography.  Love it.

Mitchell understood and understands this slight obsession.

Now, I usually don’t like it when people mush, gush, ooooooze and brag about their spouses and all the awesome things they do … but I can’t help but oooze for just a couple seconds.  Mitchell somehow managed to save bit by bit enough money to buy me the camera of my dreams.   He wanted me to learn how to use it before Christmas and couldn’t wait for me to open it … so I may or may not have opened it about 2 weeks early. 

I don’t usually cry.  I didn’t cry when my parents said goodbye at the MTC.  I didn’t cry during Charly, The Notebook, or The Lion King (when Mufasah gives up the ghost … so sad, but no tears).  Nor do I cry when chopping onions.  But I DID cry after I opened this present.  Not once.  Not twice.   But thrice.  

I was shocked.  Surprised.  Touched.  Ultra happy.

This camera has more buttons, levers and toggles than a 747 cockpit.  I’m waiting for the Cliff Notes version of the manual to come out.  Basically I have NO idea what I’m doing.  I thought I took decent photos before and now I realize just how little I know.  Taking good photos is a lot harder than I thought. 

Poor Mitchell has been my Fabio for the past couple weeks. 

( I personally think he could give Fabio a real run for his money. )



The title of this photo is :  HAWT


My friend Seara was nice enough to pose for a few shots as well.







So I might be calling upon some of the readers of this blog and their children to be my guinea pigs …


SMILES2ALL said...

if you still want some guinea pigs, I have a ton of picture opportunities for ya. Addisons 3 year birthday in February, Jaces 5 year birthday in March and a new baby in April. but those dates are still pretty far away, so let me know what you think.

Mirien said...

We're in! I've been procrastinating having the kids school pictures taken this year. I was planning to take them into Target or JCP, but I'd love to have you give it a "shot". I think you're doing great!

Marliese said...

Wow, you're basically a professional now. Those shots are incredible. Would you really practice on us sometime?? Yea!

Kyle and Megan said...

We will gladly be your guinea pigs! We just had our little girl and would love to have photos taken of her!

love bug momma said...

how did you get the pictures of the eyes?? pointers please. :>

Melayna said...
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Melayna said...

Wow, Erin -- those shots are amazing!!! And I'm sure it's not ALL due to the camera . . . You already look like you know what you're doing! And now we all know that Mitchell apparently has 367,456 hairs in his left eyebrow and 472,964 in his right -- cuz we can see every one. . . SO COOL!!!

Anita Preece said...

My grandchildren are always great guinea pigs for pictures. Let me know when and where and we are there!