Man in the Mirror

Mitchell and I felt strongly about creating this post.  We want to share our experience in hopes that others may learn from our bad decision and not make the same mistake. 

It all began quite innocently as we were in Bed Bath and Beyond looking for a Christmas present.  We were approaching the front of the store when a certain aisle caught our attention.  We should have turned and walked away at that point … but we didn’t.  Like a moth to the flame.


We each grabbed a mirror and took a glance.  We both just stood there.  Too shocked and mortified to run away after what we saw.  Everything magnified by 1.3 million.  Every pore.  Every hair.  Every blemish.  It shook us up good.  We walked into the store thinking we were a little above average looking people and left feeling like the scum of the earth.   Mitchell and I quietly shuffled out of the store with our heads down, not speaking to one another.  If the world saw what we saw that night … babies would cry … our own mothers would turn their backs on us.

No words can describe.

The battle between good and evil is raging.

Evil won that night.

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