happy bert day.

August 4th marked my dear mother’s bertday.  We thought we would honor her by bringing a bertday cake … ancient greek mosaic style.  Mitchell tried this new recipe which produced a very lovely and moist cake … more moist than a towelette.

The party didn’t officially begin until she put on her party pants.  Party pants on?  Check.  The real fun can now begin.   Every family should have a designated pair of party pants.

Unibrows?  Check.   

Mom has matured and at the ripe young age of 57 has blossomed into a beautiful bearded woman.

we love you mom.  happy bertday.


The Dahle Family said...

I love how you branched on our with that cake decorating. Very very nice. And your mom pulls off those party pants SO WELL! Kudos and Happy Birthday to her!

aunt jan said...

The best of bertdays because of my ernie-some kids!

Erin said...

ernie-some? you went way too far on that one.