nom nom nom nom.

Little Winter is three weeks old as of yesterday evening.  It has seriously been the fastest/slowest three weeks of my life … a blur I tell you, a weird surreal blur. 

oh this little face.  nom nom nom nom nom (me eating her up)


We spent the 4th of July with my family.  It was Winter’s first real outing.  I have never been so paranoid driving.  Every little move, every lane change, every turn made me nervous.  Guess that’s just part of being a new mom. 

First family photo


She no longer likes to be swaddled up in a burrito blanket … in fact, it really agitates her.   You wrap her up … and instantly she begins working her Houdini magic … complete with cute little caveman-like grunts.  And poof … like magic she escapes.

She is all about being stretched out as you can see …


Mitchell has been so good to take care of her when I need a break for a little bit … and Winter doesn’t mind one bit.


This is our night time set up … she won’t sleep in our room.  I guess we have bad chi or something in the bedroom.  So I have been sleeping out on the couch for the past three weeks.  Winter likes it better  … and Mitchell can have uninterrupted beauty sleep …. win win situation for now I guess.  


We took Winter to sacrament meeting a couple weeks back.  We decided to just stay out in the lobby, trying to distance ourselves from all the germs.   But even in the lobby we still had people coming and looking/touching/breathing on her.   I think we are going to wait till the beginning of August to take her again … considering all the crazy whooping cough stuff this year … once again … I’m a paranoid mom.

photo (9)edit


We celebrated Mitchell’s birthday with the classic coffee cake breakfast.  I think this is the first year that I didn’t totally ruin the coffee cake.  I used the “Pioneer Woman” coffee cake recipe http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2010/06/the-best-coffee-cake-ever/

just ignore the fact that it uses THREE sticks of butter … ignorance is bliss … 


Mirien invited us over for dinner the following Sunday and made Mitchell one awesome lemon curd-berry-pound-cake.  Winter is clearly a little annoyed that Mitchell was trying to steal the spotlight.


I have heard other people say that your capacity to love grows by leaps and bounds once you have children.  I really feel like I have had a Grinch like experience.  Not that my heart was small to being with, but it truly grew three sizes the day Winter was born … and it continues to grow each day. 


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Anita Preece said...

She is a beauty. You both look like you are doing well as new parents. Can't wait to meet her.