Wedding Crashers.

I am just realizing that summer is now over.  It came and went without even giving me a chance to say hello.  How rude.  I’m pretty sure my legs saw the light of day maybe twice the entire 3 months.  I guess having a summer baby will do that to you.   I don’t mind.  Less cancer all around I guess. 
Happenings and Stuffffff:
- I am proud to say Winter has now graduated to her crib … which means I am back in my big girl bed as well. 
- Power to the pump:  I worked and worked with Winter on breastfeeding … and it just wasn’t going anywhere.  She was miserable … I was miserable.  I would see other mothers breastfeeding anywhere and anytime with such ease and it made me so depressed and discouraged.  But once I decided that pumping was the norm and it was just a fact of life, I have been so much happier. 
- She has now discovered her hands and enjoys a fist sandwich every now and again.
- Her skin condition, seborrhea, has improved by leaps and bounds …. but now she has some killer eczema all over her body.  We basically bathe her in Aquaphor each morning and evening.  
- She doesn’t like dairy …. well, she doesn’t like me having dairy.  So long ice cream, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese … it was nice knowing you.
For the past two months, our dates have consisted of grocery shopping and the occasional walk in the park with Winter.
Well my parents were incredibly gracious this past weekend and kicked us out of the apartment. They commanded us to have a real date.  So that’s what we did.
We began our date at the Vertical Diner, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.  I love going to restaurants that cater to our eating style … just wish they weren’t so pricey.   I enjoyed a jalapeno burger while Mitchell had a buffalo chicken sandwich.
Part 2 of our date:  I had heard about this really cool park behind a cool LDS church in Salt Lake.  So off we went to explore.   The church is located on the beautiful street Yale Ave.  Seriously an awesome street I would LOVE to live on someday.  We arrived at the church only to find that some fancy pants wedding party had reserved the park.  There was only one thing left for our to do:
Crash the wedding.
We kind of rationalized our decision by saying that THEY crashed OUR date …
It actually took a little convincing from Mitchell … after all, we were TOTALLY underdressed.  There are some weddings where jeans would be acceptable … this was NOT one of those weddings.   We signed the guest book, created a “wish boat” and set it out to sail, quietly bypassed the wedding line, had our photos taken in their wedding photo booth and then Mitchell had a lovely crepe at the crepe bar.
Am I embarrassed that we did this? … yes, yes indeed.   I would have taken more pictures, considering we will probably never do this again … but I didn’t want to completely blow our cover.
I have to admit I found myself thinking about Winter all through out the night.  I’m not sure Winter really missed us, but I totally missed her and felt like I was missing a vital limb.


The Dahle Family said...

Yeah, it feels kind of odd when my baby is missing. I've found myself doing strange things like the rocking dance without a baby on my hip or talking to myself in the grocery store in a bright and cheery voice, "Hmmm, which apples should we get, the red ones or the green ones?" They just become a part of you!

Your date definitely sounds more memorable than grocery shopping, although with the two of you, I'm sure that can be a blast to!

merathon said...

i love this story. no pics with the bride and groom? :)

mitchell-- stop looking at the cheez-its...erin can't have those!

Marliese said...

You guys are the awesome-est! Love you--all three of you!

And holy moly, that street is gorgeous. We'll move there right along with you. I bet the wedding was exquisite--too good to pass by, apparently. :)