silly rabbit

We took Winter to her very first Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning.  Let’s be honest, we did not go with the intention of collecting eggs to put into a basket for a nine month old … I find that rather ridiculous.  But we did go with the intention of getting a picture with a creepy bunny the size of a man.  

That rabbit had its paws all over Winter.


 This picture kind of makes me a tiny little eensy weensie bit sad.  Winter is soooo big.

Stop growing. Right! Now!


The Easter bunny did not visit Winter this year … and to be honest, I don’t really know if the Easter bunny will ever visit her in the future.   Easter baskets are overrated anyway right? Ba humbug, I know.


Marliese said...

Love love that photo of Winter and her mommy! Partly because you're cute; partly because I love you two so much...even though I haven't met the little one. :)

merathon said...

i couldn't bring myself to ever tell my kids that the Easter Bunny is real (somehow a giant egg-delivering bunny is different than the Santa myth for me) but it's still really fun for them to find their Easter baskets and eggs, even though they know that Patrick and I hide them! before they find their baskets and eggs, we do "Easter eggs" first, which are a dozen eggs that tell the story of why we celebrate Easter.

love your hair with the curls in it-- don't think i've seen it curly AND short before!