I am commanding the nine month mark to go away and leave our little baby alone. 

As of last week, she is

20 lbs 8 oz

29 inches tall

In other words:  still big.

She truly is related to Mitchell and hates the camera. 

She loves pancakes, cheerios, pears, applesauce, mashed potatoes and green beans.

She hates hates hates bananas.

Everything she can get her hands on is instantly inserted into her mouth.   She ate some flowers and  dirt yesterday.

This little girl loves her Dad.  He is all she talks about through out the day.

She will only say mama when she gets hurt or when she wakes up during the night.

She likes to hold on to furniture and walk around the room.  Mitchell and I are working with her on her balance ... i can see her walking in the next couple months. 


Ashley said...

Oh that first picture is PERFECT. I wish I looked that adorable when I was grumpy. Beautiful girl!

merathon said...

yeah, that viking hat is pretty much the bomb. i showed the text mitchell sent with that picture to my YW last week and they were dying!