Biker Gang

Mitchell and I joined a biker gang on Saturday.   We call it MitcHELL’s angels.  ha. Okay, who I am kidding …. we don’t even own a pair of bikes …. we had to weasel these bikes away from my parents for the afternoon.  The next spare $1000 we have laying around going to waste will be spent on a pair of bikes … and we will name our bikes for sure.  I picture a nice sleek black bike named Gretel.

Along the way we ran into a couple of hungry mammals.  We tried to feed them grass … but man, those horse lips weirded us out.  I’m pretty sure those horses could have sucked our hands off … and we needed both of our hands … so we left.

Mr. Ed (with partial eyelash extensions)

I enjoyed these … cool weed stick things ?


I had one request before we went home.  I really wanted to visit a greenhouse.  The greenhouse smell/aroma is in my list of top 5 favorite smells.  I have never used drugs … but I’m pretty sure greenhouses give me the same kind of buzz/high.  I could have crawled up on the greenhouse floor and stayed the night.  And with the second large amount of cash just laying around going to waste … I would LOVE to own a greenhouse.


Marliese said...

Seriously--you guys have so much fun together! I mean, I know Tom and I are old and boring, and tied down with four kids and all...but I'm quite sure we didn't have that much fun as newlyweds either.

You two are cute!

Erin said...

i guess if you consider bike rides and greenhouses as fun ... then you're right. we do have fun! ha. Mitchell and I like to get out .... i hope our kids like random "adventures" as well ....