Gilgal Baggins

I am constantly searching for free and interesting things to do here along the Wasatch Front … lately I heard about an odd little garden in Salt Lake … Gilgal’s Garden.  If Bilbo Baggins had a cousin .. his name would be Gilgal … totally a hobbit name. Bilbo, Frodo, Pippin, Merry and Gilgal …. sounds good to me.    This garden was created by an LDS bishop (Thomas Child) in the 1940’s and all the sculptures have religious symbolism.  I have to admit I thought this guy was a bit wacko in the beginning but as we read about each work of art …. it all made sense … cool, peculiar, strange sense. 

No need to do a double take … that is Joesph Smith’s face on that Sphinx.


I should have done a few trunk twists or windmills to warm up before I attempted this move


I call this one … “brick trousers.”


This little display won my vote … how could you not love cool body parts sprawled across this little hill?

loved the human hearts


As we walked through the gardens, a lovely fresh bread aroma filled the air and we were intrigued.  We did a little investigating and the Wonder Bread factory happened to be right next door.   We then saw this sign … you combine bakery goods and a thriftstore  (two things I love) … you have trouble.  Don’t judge us but Mitchell and I both find twinkies and hostess cupcakes to be quite delightful … preservatives pshmervatives …whatever.  Hostess does preservatives riiiiiiiight.


aunt jan said...

No comments on this little gem of a blog posting? What is wrong with people that they don't like stone body parts and twinkies in the same blog? I personally loved it. So that tells you what kind of a person I am....

Ambrosia said...

I now have a deep desire to go there.

Erin said...

you're my kind of person mom ... its in our genes.

wow deep desire? don't get too excited amber ... i don't want you to be disappointed.